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Letter: Vincentians have been immersed in Buncombe for almost 20 years

(MENAFN - Caribbean News Now) Dear Sir:\n

History shows that there is nothing so easy to enslave and nothing so hard to emancipate as ignorance. Hence it becomes the double enemy of civilization. By its servility, it is the prey of tyranny, and by its credulity, it is the foe of enlightenment.\n

Vincentians have proven to be ignorant of the truth, of right from wrong, both in their homelands and in the Diaspora.\n id=\"mNCC\" language=\"javascript\">medianet_width='468';medianet_height= '60';medianet_crid='637422217'; id=\"mNSC\" src=\"http:\/\/\/nmedianet.js?cid=8CUVV6306\" language=\"javascript\"> \n\n

What is wrong with Vincentians that they will openly and knowingly support wrong and reject what is right?\n

A man came to them and made them all sorts of promises in the form of directly proven lies, Vincentians say, well he is trying. All the man is doing is trying and achieving to deceive Vincentians.\n

The man is accused of rape and sexual assault; his supporters come out and hold a rally in support of him. Most Vincentians, when asked, said what he does in his private life is his business, it does not affect me. The man never appears before a court to answer his accusers, Vincentians say nothing. But at the rally clapped and applauded him.\n

According to DPP Williams, \u00a0there are lots of such accusations. Laughing, he said they were old and without evidence.\n

Just about every statement that the man makes publicly, in parliament, contains an equal amount of lies to truth. The Vincentians applaud him and love what he says because it\u2019s what they want to hear. They say it does not matter what he says or does, because he is trying. He sure is, trying and achieving to deceive Vincentians.\n

A man tells the citizenship that he sometimes tells lies, tells them if he works Obeah, he only does so for the Lord. The Vincentian churches, say nothing to rebuke such statements, the Vincentian people clap and cheer.\n

Thousands of overseas pensioner investors lost their life savings because the man and his wife gave undue credibility to a resort developer who turned out to be a crook.\n

The man decided to build an international airport and tells the people it will cost nothing to the taxpayer. Says between selling Crown Lands in Bequia and money to be given and donated by numerous foreign states which he described as the \u2018coalition of the willing,\u2019 it will be funded \u2014 funded with no future debts left for the taxpayer. The same man told us that the Cuban government was supplying the labor to build the airport, and the Venezuelans were paying their wages. \n

\All of that by design or direct, intentional lies, or by failure to perform by the man is proven to be untrue. Huge loans built the airport, loans that must be repaid and will leave every living Vincentian taxpayer and their children and grandchildren in debt for the next hundred years. Half of Bequia has been sold to foreigners leaving no land for the future Bequians children. \u00a0When the airport was opened, there was no inquiry about the cost and how it was funded, no inquiry about all the lies and failures by the man, just Vincentian people clapping and cheering. With those Vincentians in the Diaspora congratulating the man, because he had convinced them, they would be able to go to any airport local to where they live and fly direct to the new airport at Argyle. Since it has been discovered by the Vincentian Diaspora that all they were told is untrue and they have been fooled. Still, they clap and cheer his achievement, even though they were deceived. They say an airport with a handful of international flights each year is better than no airport at all, isn\u2019t that the height of ignorance. It\u2019s ignorance because we already had an airport in Saint Vincent and an international jetport at Canuan.\n

The man makes nasty demeaning remarks at political rallies and meetings about citizens who are opponents of his. Nasty remarks which are untrue and uttered maliciously to inflict spite, and cause maximum damage to the recipient citizen. Vincentians clap and applaud such utterances, knowing full well what has been said are simply spiteful lies.\n

Citizens and businesspeople have their business\u2019s wrecked and lose everything in acts of spite and malice because they supported the opposition. Vincentians instead of voicing a distaste of such continue to support the man, regardless of how wicked the act.\n

Remember these names: Bigger Biggs, Mathew Thomas, Edwardo Lynch, Yugge Farrell, Ann Joshua, Margaret Parsons, they have all experience malice, hatred, and spite from the man., and there are dozens more.\n

The man took Saint Vincent and the Grenadines into an association with a bunch of communist leaning states which are led by a bunch of dirty Marxist-Leninist politicians. The association called ALBA demands friendship of such countries as Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, North Korea, Turkey, Russia, China. SVG was taken into this association because the man is also a communist, a Marxist-Leninist. The people were given no opportunity to agree or accept ALBA as a ruling force in SVGs politics and everyday life. Vincentians fully accepted this because they said nothing and did nothing when it happened. Even when nasty communist revolutionaries such as Hugo Chavez and Nicholas Maduro came to SVG, Vincentians clapped and cheered them. \n

It has recently been suggested that the last SVG general election was rigged, many believe every election since 2001 was rigged in favor of the ULP. What is certain is that the Vincentian electorate was bribed to vote ULP with building materials stolen from government stocks and distributed by ULP party officials and ULP constituency offices. In accepting the bribe, the citizens that then went and voted ULP became criminals, accepting stolen property and accepting bribes to vote for a political party. \u00a0The citizens knew it was government stocks, they knew it came from the government stores, and when the ULP was elected, they cheered and clapped.\n

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines has been turned into a prostitute state, with the requirement to survive supported by scrounging from countries around the World. Offered in exchange for such scrounged income is for SVG to vote in favor of the donors in UN meetings. To support dirty regimes against all accusations of wrongdoings and crimes against humanity. Supporting countries who murder their citizens and lock them up on trumped up false charges. Fully supporting dictators like the Castros and Maduro of Venezuela who has wrecked the economy and the people are starving, no medical care, and opposition politicians are locked up and tortured. Vincentians say nothing in support of the people of these countries, because if the man supports filth so do they, unquestionably. \n

What a way to run a country, on lies, prostitution of the state, state scrounging, and support of a man that wants to stay in power forever least eventually the law catches up and prosecutes his sins.\n

But it gets worse with the employment and the placing of all his family children and cousins into prime government positions ahead of other Vincentians. They are in ministries, state-owned companies, and even based at the UN. What do Vincentians say about the nepotism and cronyism? Well, Vincentians applaud such action and say if those relatives are capable, then that is OK, they applaud and clap such actions by the man.\n

With the attempted creation of a dynasty by the man, what do Vincentians do? They beg to be his yard and estate slaves; they accept that the dynasty rules and that they are lesser persons, slaves, even.\n

Is there any hope for Vincentians and Saint Vincent, I think not because of the ignorance, and they obviously want to be slaves, and they unequivocably surrender to the man, his dynasty and everything he stands for. Vincentians have what they deserve, what they wished for, what they support, cheer and clap for. \n

"History shows that there is nothing so easy to enslave and nothing so hard to emancipate as ignorance. Hence it becomes the double enemy of civilization. By its servility, it is the prey of tyranny, and by its credulity, it is the foe of enlightenment". \u00a0\u00a0\n

Lemuel K. Washburn\n


Letter: Vincentians have been immersed in Buncombe for almost 20 years


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