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Afghanistan- Editorial: End the bloodshed

(MENAFN - Afghanistan Times) In the wake of recent US bombing against a police convoy at
Helmand causing lives to at least 17 including local commander, wide range
unrest and panic is escalating in parts and parcels of the country. Beside
former President Hamid Karzai, the incident is being condemned by politicians,
religious leaders and tribal chieftains throughout the country. Such type of
acts is not causing panic and unrest amongst common people but it also
affecting moral of National Army, National Police and other security organs
personnel. The killing and suffering of the Afghan people is the only result of
the ongoing foreign military campaign in Afghanistan. The latest example is the
bombing of our policemen in Helmand which former President Karzai condemned in
strongest possible words. He once again called upon all sides to immediately
start peace talks and end the bloodshed. All the Afghans while condemning
bombing of police convoy at Helmand, asked for halting such acts in future.
Indeed, the Afghans are victims of ongoing war from both the sides, therefore,
they want an end to these wars and fights and pleading for reconciliation and
patch up. It is the time for US and other foreign forces to help the Afghans in
getting the goals of peace, which is possible only through reconciliation. No
one could ignore the fact that certain foreign countries and forces are
responsible for continue bloodshed and turmoil in Afghanistan. Due to useless
intervention in affairs of Afghanistan, the country was badly affected and
millions of innocent people were died. All these external forces are
responsible for fueling ofinternal hostilities in Afghanistan. Whenever
these external forces leave the Afghans alone, world could see return of peace
within days. During first ever intra-Afghan dialogues at Moscow in previous
January, representatives from the rival sides amalgamated like 'members of each
family.' The remain for couple of days in same hotel whereas they not only
exchanged views on matters pertained to peace, reconciliation and resolving of
hostilities in formal sittings but they made lunches, dinners and breakfasts
together. Even all five times prays lead by Taliban leaders who are residing in
Doha Qatar. On return from Moscow, Hamid Karzai in previous January requested
to 'let the Afghans for finding out an Afghan solution to the conflict,' which
is possible with ensuring 'complete end' to every sort of foreign meddling in
internal affairs of Afghanistan. Though the US is now talking about pulling its
troops out of Afghanistan but also interested in ensuring safeguarding of its
interests in the region. Similar are the intentions of other self-styled
stakeholders like regional and neighboring countries wants to make secure and
achieve its vested nefarious designs. Almost Afghans have also realized the
fact that no one is sincere with them, therefore, they want to help own in
resolving of issues ahead to them from last 40 years.


Afghanistan- Editorial: End the bloodshed

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