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Bandipora Rape: Digital Anti-Christ

(MENAFN - Kashmir Observer) A girl from north Kashmir took her own life on Saturday allegedly after being raped by her own father for several years. After she consumed poison, the victim was rushed to a nearby hospital where she succumbed. A case has been registered in this regard with the police based on a complaint by the girl's sister.

In her complaint, the victim's sister has alleged that the girl was raped for several years by their own father but did not speak out fearing retaliation by the accused and her family. Police have registered a case against the accused under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and an inquiry into the matter is currently underway.

The victim's sister also claimed that her uncle raped his own daughter. My father got to know about this and he started doing the same with my sister, claimed the complainant. She also said that she brought the matter to the attention of her grandfather who told her not to tell anyone as it would tarnish the family's reputation. She further alleged that her sister attempted to speak out against her father's misdeeds on several occasions but the accused scared her by threatening to kill her. The sister has also claimed that her father attempted to rape her as well but she managed to save herself. 

The clause of Bandipora rape and shame by a father with his daughter is a step towards the sexual orientation transformation from the kingdom of digital antichrist. It started the custom of fetish gonzo interracial relationships to porno club of sexual abuse things in Muslim world. The case of Bandipora is an example of highlighted things, but in essence it happens on daily basis in Kashmir. Arguing from rape attempt in buses where mixed genders rub each other's body and males take the lead in such shame. The scourge of such disease has reached to threshold where a father can't differentiate between his daughter and wife, a son can't differentiate between his sister and wife. It is a conspiracy of antichrist whose followers made it possible that such digital fetish information makes a sad incest taste for raping the daughters of this Ummah. I am not having a mere emotional pain for such issue as I see the slang of rape done on daily basis either by the digital Dajjal or the occupier of my greed. I wish I could raise a hue and cry on such monster deed done by a non human being. I still have witnessed the positions of shame in today's Muslim world. Some get highlighted while some are silenced through fear. A world which doesn't mean a question of rebellion here, shouldn't worry about the rape of their whole existence.

Meer Abass 

Assistant Professor,

Department of English, Govt Degree College Handwara.


Bandipora Rape: Digital Anti-Christ

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