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How Ana Koska Photography is changing the Tulip Dig in Sherwood Gardens

(MENAFN - GetNews) Ana Koska Photography is changing the Tulip Dig by bringing families for photoshoots, giving new meaning to Tulip Day, as well as newborn and family photography.
The end of May brings a unique atmosphere in Baltimore. As the spring ends, dozens of people will march towards the Sherwood Gardens for the annual Tulip Dig. However, lately the original meaning of the Tulip Dig changed. And, Ana Koska Photography helped to change that tradition.

Back in the 1920s, John W. Sherwood created the Sherwood Gardens. The wealthy petroleum pioneer, Mr. Sherwood bought the gardens and adjacent buildings to pursue his hobby. The avid florist, Mr. Sherwood imported tulips from the Netherlands, making Sherwood the most famous tulip garden in North America.

Mr. Sherwood died in 1965, leaving the Garden with enough money to support its work for a year. Soon, the Guilford Association purchased the estate, inheriting the responsibility for its many flowers and trees.

Today, the Sherwood Garden is blooming and budding. People plant approximately 80,000 flowers each year. These include the famous tulips, as well as dogwoods, flowering cherries, wisterias, and magnolias.

But, the busiest day in the Garden is Tulip Day. It's an event that happens on May 25th each year. People come from all over the US to dig and buy tulips. Traditionally, the price of tulips is just 30 cents!

People are advised to go as early as 7 AM to get their tulips. However, the event changed, as Ana Koska Photography gave a new meaning to this Baltimore tradition.

She found a new way to celebrate the rich cultural heritage of the Baltimore area. Each spring, she brings the celebration to many parents offering exclusive newborn photography deals .

Mr. Sherwood loved tulips. But, it's important to remember that children are the flowers, tulips of the world. That's the Tulip Dig isn't just about tulips. It's about experiencing something exceptional.

The multi-awarded photographer Ana knows that. The beauty of the garden is a perfect place to exploit and express the delicate intimacy of a family with a photography session.

As people swarm around the Garden digging up the tulips, they forget that flowers eventually wither away. But, family moments are forever.

Luckily, this also changed the historical outline of Sherwood Garden's photography. Previously, the Garden's photography was about architecture and flowers, but now it's more about people. Having a garden, no matter how beautiful, is pointless if there's nobody to enjoy it.

Most importantly, it teaches children to care about and love nature. That's how Ana Koska helps the will of Mr. Sherwood to continue living.

The dug-up tulips open up space for new flowers to bloom. Still, the cycle of life continues, and they'll have to perish.

What will never perish is the sweet memory parents get to hold in their hand. After all, nothing brings the warmth to a parent's heart as looking at the photography of their children . When people get aware about the importance of the garden from the young age, that garden shall blossom for eternity.

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How Ana Koska Photography is changing the Tulip Dig in Sherwood Gardens

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