Friday, 20 September 2019 06:59 GMT

Weekly Economic & Political Timeline

(MENAFN - Daily Forex) This week is likely to see lesser market activity compared to last week, with no important central bank input due concerning any major currency. The U.S. / China trade dispute is likely to dominate the market's focus. The market is likely to be most active on Wednesday.

U.S. Dollar It will be a quiet week for the Dollar, with nothing due except Retail Sales data on Wednesday.

Canadian Dollar It will be a reasonably active week for the Loonie, starting on Wednesday with a release of CPI (inflation) data. On Thursday there will be a minor speech by the Governor of the Bank of Canada.

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Australian Dollar It will be a normal week for the Aussie, starting on Wednesday with a release of Wage Price Index data. On Thursday, we will get Unemployment Rate and Employment Change data.

British Pound It will be a quiet week for the Pound, starting on Tuesday with a release of Average Earnings Index data.


Weekly Economic & Political Timeline

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