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Jordanian business man deceives a Russian investor

(MENAFN - Amman Net) Case is causing friction between the two countries

Special to AmmanNet/Radio al Balad

Real Estate agent, Engineer Anwar Oweidy Abadi was surprised at the end of October 2018 to find a check with his name on it at the desk of a well-know Jordanian lawyer in Amman. The check was one of 28 checks issued on the checkbook of Samer Anis Mouasher. This check was drawn on the Ahli Bank for an amount very close to one million Jordanian Dinars.

Oweidy says that he was shocked to see the check and he asked the lawyer: 'why do you have a check in my name with this huge amount? I never received this amount from Samer nor did I ever see this check in my life.'

Anwar Oweidy told 'AmmanNet' that in fact he helped arrange for a sale of land in the village of Baha west of Amman in 2006 to a well-known businessman Samer Anis Mouasher 'and for my services I received a commission of 132,000 JDs only.' Oweidy continued 'I received two checks for my commission and they were drawn on another bank and I never received the 906,620 JD that is listed in the Ahli Bank check.'

The Jordanian lawyer explained to Oweidy that his check was one of 28 checks copies of which were given to a person representing the Russian investor Evgeniy Novitskiy to document his claims of having bought lad with those checks. But Anwar Oweidy told the lawyer that he was the agent who organized the sale and he remembers very clearly how much was the land was sold to Samer Mouasher for.

Oweidy scanned through the 28 checks which were mostly issued to members of the Abadi tribe among them some older women, and he told the lawyer that the amounts in those checks are wrong and have nothing to do with the reality. He said most have double the value that was paid from Samer Mouasher for the land.

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Jordanian business man deceives a Russian investor

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