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#HealthBytes: Five food-items that boost women's sexual health

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#HealthBytes: Five food-items that boost women's sexual health
29 Apr 2019

A satisfying sexual life results in overall emotional, physical, and mental well-being among couples.

There are many determinants of good sexual health, one of these being your diet.

Certain food items are known to enhance your libido, while some of them might decline your sex drive.

To help you out, here are five food items that can enhance your sexual health.


Seafood translates to super-food when the concern is your sexual health.

Oysters are hailed by many medical experts and dieticians for their amazing libido-boosting properties. The presence of such compounds augment levels of testosterone and estrogen in our body.

Additionally, oily fishes like Salmon and tuna are also known to boost sexual drive.

Seafood also supplies plenty of protein and essential vitamins.


Your shouldn't miss out on meats if you aim to improve your sexual well-being.

A variety of meat sources such as chicken, pork, and beef contain carnitine, L-arginine, which are amino acids known for improving blood flow in the body.

Evidently, good blood flow is vital for long-term sexual health among men and women.


Apples are rich in quercetin, an antioxidant that helps in keeping your sex life healthy. It does so by controlling the root causes of sex-health problems like prostatitis and interstitial cystitis. Apples also promote healthy blood circulation throughout body.

In addition, quercetin also prevents muscle breakdown, which further improves your endurance.

Apples are also rich in dietary fiber and vitamins.


You might have been avoiding garlic for the whole of your life because of its pungent smell, but be assured that there's a plethora of health-benefits attached to the herb.

A commoner in the Indian kitchen, garlic works as a natural blood thinner, therefore contributing in prevention of high BP, high cholesterol, and heart diseases.

It helps improve your blood flow and sexual endurance.


It is a given that stress and anxiety are some of the major causes of sexual health problems. And research has established that dark chocolates are a natural stress-buster, and mood lighteners.

So, by connecting the dots here, chocolates make for a great food for enhancing your mood, kicking out stress and depression, and helping you get a healthier libido.


#HealthBytes: Five food-items that boost women's sexual health

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