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Qatar- Al-Kuwari stresses on importance of cultural diplomacy

(MENAFN - Gulf Times) HE the Minister of State Dr Hamad bin Abdulaziz al-Kuwari stressed the importance of cultural diplomacy in the rapprochement between peoples, calling for spreading awareness of its importance for a better future. This, he said, will support human co-existence based on understanding and intercultural dialogue.
In a lecture at the Turkish Bilkent University entitled ‘Cultural diplomacy: building the epic of human co-existence' in Ankara yesterday, HE al-Kuwari said that science enlightens our lives as the way to understand each other, pointing out that universities will continue to play a primary role in protecting the gains of humanity.
HE al-Kuwari praised the impact of the Ottomans in the Islamic civilisation and the legacy they left in science, wisdom, literature, and architecture on all mankind.
He added that no one can deny the favours of the Ottomans to human civilisation, adding that the Ottoman Caliphate ruled by men who believed in science, where they left humanity great evidence of the creativity of the Islamic arts of artists, craftsmen, and engineers.
He noted the extraordinary relations between Qatar and the government and the people of Turkey, which have been consolidated and progressed as a result of the belief of the wise leadership in the two countries in the historical ties between both countries and peoples.
He added that the difficulties experienced by the two countries have reflected the depth and strength of these ties, where the facts proved how the leadership and the people of Qatar stand with Turkey in the attempted coup, and how quickly Turkey's leadership and people supported Qatar in the unjust blockade against it.
HE al-Kuwari said that Qatar and Turkey share a common history as the first link between the people of Qatar and the Ottomans occurred in the middle of the 16th century, adding that the Ottoman archives reveal the Qatari life and its connection to the sea and trade.
Following this history, Qatar's relations with the Ottomans witnessed many steps, reflected by historical facts that still require careful historical readings, he explained.
HE al-Kuwari added that cultural diplomacy strengthens the relations between people of different races and languages through tolerance and rapprochement.
It also carries the principles of dialogue and co-operation, and even alliance between cultures and civilisations in order to reduce the tension in the world, he further added. He pointed out that Muslims had a great contribution to this in the past.


Qatar- Al-Kuwari stresses on importance of cultural diplomacy

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