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Kintsugi / Kintsukuroi Art - How is it Made, Where to Buy Pottery with Gold Repair? Available in The USA

(MENAFN - PRLog) The translation from Japanese of Kintsugi or Kintsukuroi means golden joinery or repair with gold where the gold powder is applied on lacquer. Some refer to it as Kintsugi art with a metaphor of Kintsugi life, re-birth or Wabi-sabi philosophy. This technique transforms broken ceramic or pottery into beautiful art to it's its new life enhancing the break lines with gold giving the mended broken pottery pleasing and unique presentation. 1 2 3 4 5 japanese-kintsugi-bowl-sea-glass kintsugi-heart-gem-stones-3 crackle-white-raku-vase-1a japanese-bowl-with-glass-1a ben-owen-china-red-vase-1a April 19, 2019 - PRLog -- Kintsugi Art Metaphor: Repairing Broken Pottery With Gold

What Can We Learn From a Broken Pot?
Kintsugi, as the practice is known, gives new life, healing or rebirth to damaged or aging ceramic objects by celebrating their flaws and history. One can consider how we might live a kintsugi life, finding value in the missing pieces, cracks and chips – bringing to light the scars that have come from life experiences, finding new purpose and meaning through aging and loss, seeing love and the beauty of 'imperfection' and loving ourselves, family and friends even with flaws.

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Japanese kintsugi or Kintsukuroi Art Repair
Most of our restoration customers would like the damage to their broken item to be concealed and hidden by the repair making it look as new. An alternative to masking the repair could be a restoration in which the damage is incorporated into the aesthetic of the restored item and becomes artistically better than new. This sometimes adds value as in the Japanese kintsugi repair method (more about kintsugi / Kintsukuroi below). This option is often a less costly repair than our seamless repair offerings. Best candidates for the Kintsugi repair are: Far East ceramic, Wood- Fired pottery, Native American pottery, Satsuma pottery, Raku and Bonsai pots or trays.

The following are some options of how to obtain our Kintsugi art made with 23.5 Karat gold or Gold Effect:
1) Visit our Kintsugi for sale gallery and choose already made art
2) Apply Kintsugi process to your broken pot - Submit Estimate Request
3) Request us to break your and apply Kintsugi - Email us with photo
4) Select unbroken item from our inventory - Link to available pottery (

Real gold (23.5 Karat) or gold effect Kintsugi art is available in our online gallery ( or can be used to restore your broken item.

Japanese Kintsugi Art Step By Step Repair Tutorial (

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Kintsugi / Kintsukuroi Art - How is it Made, Where to Buy Pottery with Gold Repair? Available in The USA

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