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Pashinyan announces readiness for new aggression in PACE

(MENAFN - AzerNews) By Abdul Kerimkhanov

After the year since Nikol Pashinyan came to power, the euphoria of the velvet revolution subsided, and expectations gradually transformed into disappointment. The Armenian leader pinned up his hopes that last-year events in Armenia will change the attitude of the European structures towards his country.

Pashinyan, whocounts on Europe too much and, most important, without any reasons, always hurries to make speeches therewith special excitement.

However, Pashinyan's speeches often resemble some kind of a show or simple clowning. Playing the ape before Europe does not add credibility to him as a politician.

The same attitude was shown when he participated in the spring session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. His trip to Strasbourg was presented in Armenia as if the PACE would convene only to observe the organizer of the April coup. For a year now, the Armenian public has been trying to create the feeling that the whole world revolves around change of power topic in Armenia.

Pashinyan brought back repeated theses on the Karabakh settlement to Strasbourg. Judging by the reports of the Armenian media, at all meetings, Pashinyan said that Azerbaijan should renounce the use of force, the people should prepare for peace, illegal regime created in Karabakh should return to the negotiating table and so on. He expressed hope that "the call voiced from this tribune will receive an adequate response in Azerbaijani society."

Apparently, Pashinyan wants to hear from the Azerbaijani side recognition of the Armenian occupation as a fact in response to these frivolous appeals. However, the unreality of such a situation is understood both in Armenia and in Europe. Therefore, Pashinyan's unnatural peacefulness is not perceived and does not find support.

It is clear to the world community that the words about peace and the inadmissibility of hatred from his lips pursue only one goal - to delay the start of a new war. Armenia is absolutely not ready for it and will not be ready in the coming years. In addition, putting forward conditions impracticable in the realities of the ongoing occupation, he exposes Baku as a militarist and supporter of eternal hostility between the two peoples.

In addition, Pashinyan presented PACE with claims that it "is not taking any measures to strengthen democratic institutions in Nagorno-Karabakh and develop civil society." The unrecognized secessionist entity should not be an obstacle for European officials to travel to the occupied territories.

Speculation around the topic of human rights, according to Yerevan's calculations, is the best way to legitimize the separatist regime, to involve it in all sorts of European programs.

Nervousness of Yerevan in connection with this issue can be understood. Europe doesn't even try to break the taboo on visiting Karabakh established by Baku and this worries Armenian circles.

Earlier, answering a journalist's question about recent threats from Minister of Defense David Tonoyan directed against Azerbaijan, Pashinyan admitted that the Armenian minister's statement is true and doesn't contradict his own peace rhetoric.

It's just a matter of how one interprets the situation, he said.

Assuring that there are no contradictions in his calls for peace and announcing new territorial seizures, Pashinyan actually declared the whole of Europe that Armenia is preparing new aggression.

His statements about peace are just a curtain in order to cover up the aggressive nature of the Armenian state, which represents a real threat to stability in the region.


Pashinyan announces readiness for new aggression in PACE

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