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#TechBytes: 5 handy Chrome extensions for cryptocurrency investors

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#TechBytes: 5 handy Chrome extensions for cryptocurrency investors
25 Mar 2019

From blocking out ads to upgrading Netflix, Google Chrome's web store has an extension for everything.

These tools have been specifically designed to simplify users' lives, but today, we're going to focus specifically on extensions for cryptocurrency investors and users.

These tools can upgrade your privacy and help you keep tabs on the market in a much easier way.

Let's take a look.

Crypto Price Tracker to keep an eye on markets
Extension #1

The biggest risk in cryptocurrency investment is the element of risk - you don't know when the value is going to rise/fall.

In such cases, investors have to keep continuous tabs on the market, which can be done with the help of Crypto Price Tracker.

It gives real-time information about as many as six digital currencies; you can also try Cryptex as an alternative.

MetaMask and Badger for cryptocurrency transfers
Extension #2

As you may also want to send and receive cryptocurrency while surfing, we've got MetaMask and Badger for you.

The former serves as a crypto wallet for Ethereum users, letting them send and receive ETH and ERC20 tokens.

Meanwhile, the latter works in the same way for Bitcoin, letting users store and send BCH and SLP tokens seamlessly.

Cryptonite: Online Identity Protection
Extension #3

Along with wallets and price tracking, you also need a tool to make sure you're not tricked by scammers and fraudsters lurking around to dupe cryptocurrency investors.

They mostly design fake exchange websites to phish users into giving away their confidential details, but Cryptonite extension can prevent that.

It detects fake or duplicate sites and turns red to warn you about potential threats.

No Coin for preventing illegal mining
Extension #4

If you're thinking about mining cryptocurrencies from your own PC, better install No Coin extension.

It will detect and block hidden website miners (like Coinhive) to make ensure that your PC's GPU isn't already taking a toll.

Once that's done, you can go ahead with the formal process of setting your own personal cryptocurrency mining machine.

Privacy Badger to disable trackers, ads
Extension #5

Finally, if you're using a Chrome or Firefox browser to surf the internet and for buying and selling cryptocurrency, install Privacy Badger.

This tool has been designed purely for the purpose of maintaining your privacy.

Basically, it detects and disables web trackers on all websites, letting you transact without leaving a trail of your web activity.


#TechBytes: 5 handy Chrome extensions for cryptocurrency investors


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