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#GamingBytes: Top five best machine guns in Apex Legends

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#GamingBytes: Top five best machine guns in Apex Legends
14 Mar 2019

Apex Legends is the latest free-to-play Battle Royale game from Respawn Entertainment and EA.

It takes place in the 'Titanfall' universe after the Frontier War.

Guns are a crucial component of the game and without a good weapon, your chances of winning are slim, to say the least.

Here is a list of the best machine guns that will help you decimate your opponents.

What is Titanfall?

Titanfall and its sequel, Titanfall 2, are two of the most popular and critically acclaimed FPS games from Respawn Entertainment and EA. They involve controlling mecha-style 'Titans' and their pilots to fight against the evil Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation and defend a faraway world: 'The Frontier'.

R99: Easy to find, a champion in close combat
Gun #5

Now coming back to the guns, the R99 SMG is easy to find and has a nice firing rate, which makes it ideal for close combat.

It is a fairly standard weapon that uses light ammo and can deal up to 18 damage.

This rapid-fire automatic gun has comparatively low damage but can work in your favour if you land all your shots.

Alternator: The compact looking double barrel SMG
Gun #4

Do not confuse the Alternator with a pistol.

It may be tiny but can cause a good amount of damage (up to 19) with significant accuracy.

The Alternator works on light ammo and holds 16 shots in a single magazine.

The twin barrel weapon has some recoil but you will be fine if you fire up-close and in a series of small bursts.

Devotion: This lethal LMG runs on energy
Gun #3

Devotion, this LMG is an energy-based weapon, which means you have to build up energy by holding down the fire button and then fire in a straight line.

The longer you press the trigger, the faster the firing rate gets.

It can be a bit tricky to use but the gun causes up to 34 damage.

The only downside is its hard-to-find ammo.

Prowler: The only burst SMG in Apex Legends
Gun #2

Each time you press the trigger, the Prowler fires in bursts of five.

It houses 20 rounds in its magazine and uses heavy rounds as ammo.

This personal defence weapon (PDW) can deal up to 21 damage per bullet and is best used up-close.

It can fire as a fully automatic weapon, but only with the help of a rare 'Selectfire Receiver' hop-up attachment.

M600 Spitfire: This LMG is accurate, heavy, and lethal
Gun #1

There are only two LMGs in Apex Legends as of now and while Devotion is more popular, the Spitfire is definitely the better one.

It has an awesome fire-rate, amazing accuracy, and the ability to cause up to 40 damage.

Its reload time can be a little troublesome but the gun more than makes up for it with the large 35-shot magazine.


#GamingBytes: Top five best machine guns in Apex Legends

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