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The Importance of Roof Repair for Roofing in Vancouver, Washington

(MENAFN - GetNews) Maintain the roof of your home is vital, a leaky roof can comprise the structure of your home, causing the roof to rot and decay underneath and eventually collapse. If your roof is missing shingles or leaking, it's important to fix those problems as soon as possible. Companies, such as Grant Roofing , provide 24-hour service to ensure the problem is fixed promptly. Tackling home improvement jobs yourself can be a stressful and often times disastrous process, which is why it's best to have it repaired by professionals. These types of home improvements are necessary to ensure your home retains its value and structural integrity. Many housing market analysts agree that soaring home improvements may help lenders, but hurt market health .

Shingle Replacement

Many homeowners do not realize the importance of shingle repair and maintenance. You should have your roof professionally inspected at least once every other year to ensure it maintains the same structural integrity as it did the day it was built, which is why it's important for you to replace those old shingles as soon as possible. Learn more here . Shingle roofs should generally be replaced every 20 years, which can vary depending on your roofs craftsmanship and how much rain your roof gets.

If the roof of your home is missing multiple shingles that may indicate it needs to be replaced. If you spot a missing shingle you should have it replaced immediately to prevent water from leaking in and damaging the surrounding woodwork. If you hire a professional to inspect your roof, there are a variety of things they'll look for examine, including:

Bouncy Roof:If you step on your roof and it feels bouncy, almost as if you're walking on a trampoline, this usually is a sign that moisture is trapped underneath the shingles and damaging the woodwork underneath, which is never a good thing. If you step on your roof and it feels weak, you should contact a professional immediately.

Cracked Shingles:If the shingles on your roof are cracked and broken, it's typically a sign that your roof is getting older and needs to be replaced.

Foreign Debris:If you commonly find birds or squirrels in your attic or crawlspace, there's more than likely a larger hole on your roof to blame.

Roof Jack Vent Replacement

If your roof was recently replaced and you still experience leaking, it could be caused by a roof jack vent that needs to be replaced. The main reason roof vent jacks become damaged is squirrels, who will chew through the soft lead covering to help sharpen their teeth. If the roof jack vent isn't replaced, it will eventually cause water to seep in, therefore damaging your home's woodwork. Leaking could also be a sign that the metal flashing on your roof needs to be replaced, which is used to seal out the water around the vents and chimney. This usually has to be repaired every 10 to 15 years, due to weather conditions and excess rain.

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The Importance of Roof Repair for Roofing in Vancouver, Washington


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