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Afinia L701 Digital Color Label Printer Now Available in Canada


Ontario label manufacturer, DuraFast Label Company, is now shipping the Afinia L701 Memjet label printer to customers across Canada.

TORONTO, ONTARO, CANADA, March 12, 2019 / / -- Recently introduced as a lower-priced entrant into the Afinia Label family, Basat Khalifa, president of DuraFast Label Company, says that the Afinia L701 Memjet color label printer is a fast, affordable choice for small Canadian businesses that print up to 5,000 labels per month.

'Our entire office has been impressed with the Afinia L701,' he said. 'Not only is it priced competitively, it blows the competition out of the water. It's faster by a huge amount, the colors and print quality are phenomenal, and its per-label ink costs are so much lower than those of competing label printers .'

Khalifa explained that the target market for the Afinia L701 is small businesses with relatively low volume requirements. 'For this market, the upfront cost of a label press doesn't make sense. They don't have the volume to justify such an investment,' he said. 'Entry-level color label printers serve this market well, but their per-label ink costs can become burdensome. This is the tradeoff, and it's one that so many business owners fail to consider when buying a color label printer.'

To help combat that problem, DuraFast Label Company offers to print each customer's label designs on the various color label printers that they are considering. Along with the label samples, which help customers distinguish each printer's print quality capabilities and differences, DuraFast Label Company also calculates the estimated ink cost per label on each label printer.

'Customers are always surprised when we provide them with ink cost comparisons on the different label printers,' Khalifa said. 'For example, we printed a full color 4x6 color label on the Afinia L701 and determined its ink cost to be just over 5 cents per label whereas a competing printer was a full 17.55 cents higher in cost. That translated to a difference of about $877.50 (CAD) in ink costs for every 5,000 labels printed.'

Khalifa explained that, in this example, after just one month of label production, the Afinia L701 Memjet color label printer would be the economical choice. In addition to the cost differences, he said the L701 stands on its own as a fully featured color label printer. It offers a photo quality 1600dpi print resolution and vibrant colors for 'prime' print jobs. With its Memjet technology, the L701 prints 6 inches per second in high quality mode and 8 inches per minute in normal.

'The Afinia L701 Memjet supports 8.5-inch media widths,' Khalifa pointed out. 'This difference seems minor, but it means that the L701 has more label materials it will work with thanks to its standard width size.'

DuraFast Label Company is now shipping the Afinia L701 to customers across Canada out of its Toronto location. 'Small business customers from across Canada have told us how excited they are about the L701, especially after they've seen the print quality and ink cost comparisons.'

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Afinia L701 can print fan-folded or roll fed labels and is available from DuraFast Label Company


Afinia L701 Digital Color Label Printer Now Available in Canada

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