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Youtuber brings Egyptian archaeology to over 14,000 viewers

(MENAFN - Brazil-Arab News Agency (ANBA)) Thais Sousa

São Paulo – Brazil's Márcia Jamille created her own YouTube channel to discuss archaeology and Ancient Egypt. Arqueologia Egípcia currently boasts over 14,000 subscribers. Holding baccalaureate and master's degrees in Archaeology from the Federal University of Sergipe (UFS), Jamille is a native of Sergipe state capital Aracaju. In order to delve deeper into Egypt studies, she had to use whatever tools she had on hand. 'We didn't have Egyptology as a subject, so I did what many students do: I asked a professor to supervise me, and I combined his field of study (Underwater Archaeology) with Ancient Egypt studies,' she said in an interview with ANBA.

While access to information was scarce as a graduate student, as a child it was even harder to come by. 'Even as a kid I used to think Archaeology was interesting and fascinating, that thing about digging with care and finding out more about our past. But the only documentaries you'd see on TV would be about Biblical Archaeology or Prehistoric Europe. I had no idea there was such a thing as Archaeology studies in Brazil. When I turned 13, my History teacher showed a documentary on Ancient Egypt. It was simply love at first sight,' she said.

Now aged 31, she still has keepsakes of her early passion for Egypt. 'My childhood was very rich in this sense. I recall, for instance, my mother coming home from work and bringing me magazines on Ancient Egypt. I still have all of it,' she said. And the girl who'd collect cutouts grew into a content producer. Over ten years ago, Jamille launched the website Arqueologia Egípcia , and 2014 saw her create an eponymous YouTube channel. In 2018, the channel earned the ScienceVlogsBrasil label, an attestation of quality scientific knowledge on YouTube. Jamille also joined NextUp , a contest whose winners get a week's worth of training for content creators at YouTube Spaces. 'Two major victories for the scientific knowledge on Archaeology on the internet,' she said.

Jamille currently devotes herself to the web full-time. 'My work is exclusively about the channel's contents and online lectures or lessons.' Nevertheless, she's still an associate researcher with the UFS-affiliated Underwater Archaeology Laboratory.

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Youtuber brings Egyptian archaeology to over 14,000 viewers

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