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CyberSec Today: Mobile Malware Attacks Doubled in 2018, Fear the Bot! Evasive Deep Fakes + more

(MENAFN - PRLog) Fear the Bot! Not only is a possible name for your next punk band, but also a legitimate wake-up call for companies. Security Blvd reports that Bots are a problem for ALL businesses, especially travel, e-commerce and ticketing which have the highest percentage of "bad" bot traffic, and despite grabbing CyberSec headlines recently, many organizations are dismissing the risks and "focused on conventional cyber threats and solutions" -- they just do not seem to fully understand the impact bots can have on their business, say experts who believe detecting and classifying bots depend on solutions that must "identify the intent of the attack."

Other HOT Cybersecurity Headlines include:
• Bleeping Computer: Malicious Mobile Software Attacks Almost Doubled in 2018
• CSO Australia: Privacy engineering turns data collection into data curation
• Dark reading: Bounty Hunters Find 100K+ Bugs Under HackerOne Program in 2018
• eWEEK: RSA Conference 2019: To avoid a potentially cataclysmic future reality, RSA Security President Rohit Ghai sees a future that requires a strong trust landscape
• Info Security Magazine: Cybercrime Trends Toward Mobile Bots
• IT Online: How the digital twins - AI-driven automation and blockchain - will change how companies see themselves
• Security Bvd: GDPR-compliant organizations are reaping benefits
• Venture Beat: McAfee shows how "Deep Fakes" can circumvent cybersecurity
• We Live Security: Payment processors remain phishers' favorites
• ZDNet: The reason why ji32k7au4a83 is a common and terrible password

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CyberSec Today: Mobile Malware Attacks Doubled in 2018, Fear the Bot! Evasive Deep Fakes + more

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