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Global Aquaculture Market Outlook, 2024 - Private Sector Investments Vie to Bridge Gap in the Market

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DUBLIN, Feb. 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The "Aquaculture - Market Analysis, Trends, and Forecasts" report has been added to's offering.

The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Canada, Japan, Europe, China, Asia-Pacific, Middle East & Africa and Latin America. Annual estimates and forecasts are provided for the period 2016 through 2024. Also, a five-year historic analysis is provided for these markets.

This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Aquaculture in US$ Million.

The report profiles 154 companies including many key and niche players such as:

  • Amalgam Enterprises (India)
  • American Abalone Farms (USA)
  • Austevoll Seafood ASA (Norway)
  • Bakkafrost (Denmark)
  • Blue Ridge Aquaculture Inc. (USA)
  • Camanchaca (Chile)
  • Cargill, Incorporated (USA)
  • Cermaq ASA (Norway)
  • Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited (Thailand)
  • Cooke Aquaculture (Canada)
  • Dainichi Corporation (Japan)
  • Dongwon Industries Co. (South Korea)
  • Empresas AquaChile S.A. (Chile)
  • Farmocean International A.B. (Sweden)
  • Grieg Seafood ASA (Norway)
  • Kyokuyo Co. Ltd. (Japan)
  • Marine Harvest ASA (Norway)
  • Marine Harvest Canada (Canada)
  • Maruha Nichiro Corporation (Japan)
  • Multiexport Foods (Chile)
  • Nireus S.A. (Greece)
  • Nippon Suisan Kaisha Ltd. (Japan)
  • Norway Royal Salmon ASA (Norway)
  • Nutreco N.V. (The Netherlands)
  • Royal Greenland A/S (Greenland)
  • SalMar ASA (Norway)
  • Sea Watch International Ltd. (USA)
  • Selonda Aquaculture S.A. (Greece)
  • Stolt Sea Farm S.A. (Norway)
  • Surapon Foods Public Company Limited (Thailand)
  • Tassal Group Ltd. (Australia)
  • Taylor Shellfish Inc. (USA)
  • Thai Union Group PLC (Thailand)
  • Trident Seafoods (USA)
  • TriMarine International (USA)
  • Tongwei Group Co. Ltd. (China)
  • Unima Group (France)
  • Zhanjiang Guolian Aquatic Products Co. Ltd. (China)
  • Aquaculture Technology/Equipment Providers
  • AKVA Group (Norway)
  • AquaBounty Technologies Inc. (USA)
  • Aquacare Environment Inc. (USA)

Topics Covered

1. INTRODUCTION, METHODOLOGY & PRODUCT DEFINITIONSStudy Reliability and Reporting LimitationsData Interpretation & Reporting LevelQuantitative Techniques & AnalyticsProduct Definitions and Scope of Study2. INDUSTRY OVERVIEWAquaculture: The Blue Revolution for Meeting Growing Seafood Needs of the MassesAquaculture: Fast FactsAquaculture as a Potential Solution for Overcoming Insufficient Supply of Seafood: Foundation for Market GrowthDepletion of Natural Fish Stock: A Major Cause of ConcernAquatic EcoSystems Set to Bridge the Gap between Demand and SupplySupported by Aquaculture, Global Per Capita Fish Consumption SurgesGlobal Aquaculture Production on an Upward TrajectoryMajor Species Produced in Aquaculture Producing Countries WorldwideAquaculture to Surpass Wild Fisheries ProductionCarp Dominates Freshwater Aquaculture Production, followed by MolluscsCountries with Long Aquaculture Traditions and Robust PracticesUSAChinaJapanIndiaNorwayVietnamGlobal Market OutlookDeveloping Countries Continue to Turbocharge Current and Future GrowthKey Market Challenges in a Nutshell3. MARKET TRENDS, ISSUES & DRIVERSGrowing Preference for Nutritious, Low-Fat, and Protein-Rich Seafood Drives Healthy Market GrowthMyriad Benefits of Fish to Human LifeBrief Nutritional Data for Select Fish Species: A SnapshotSkin Care from SeafoodAquatic Animals: A Potential Source of Medicinal PropertiesSeafood: A Primary Source of Omega-3 Fatty AcidsKey Nutritional FactsOmega-3 Content in Major Seafood Products: List of Seafood with More than 1500 Milligrams of Omega-3, 1000-1500, 500-1000, 200-500, and Less than 200 MilligramsFish: An Important Source of Animal ProteinGrowing Prominence of Farmed Salmon Benefits Market ExpansionBridging Supply-Demand GapMajor Salmon SpeciesAtlantic SalmonChinook/KingChumCohoLarge TroutPinkSmall TroutSockeyePrimary Markets for Salmon WorldwideFarmed Salmon Production, Supply, and Consumption: Key Statistical DataSignificant Improvements in Distribution, Logistics, and Transportation Drive Market PenetrationSpiraling Popularity of Organic Aquaculture Lends Traction to Market GrowthMajor Organic SpeciesOrganic ShrimpOrganic ShellfishOrganic SalmonOrganic Carp and TroutOrganic Seafood MarketFactors Contributing towards Growth of Organic Aquaculture SectorOrganic Food: Product Life CycleDistribution ChannelsDeveloping World Adopts Aquaculture to Ward off Malnutrition, Presents Significant Growth OpportunitiesEmerging Countries in Asia and Latin America: Major Contributors to Global Fish SupplyCombination of Prioritization and National Level Strategies to Drive Aquaculture Growth in AfricaExpanding Production Area and Integration with Agriculture Signals Growth OpportunitiesDemand for Aquafeed SurgesVegetable-Based Feeds Gain ImportanceSmall Scale Aquacultures: Talk of the Town'Expanding Population Gives Rise to Food Security Concerns, Offers a Strong Business Case for AquacultureGlobal Food Scenario: Fast FactsDevelopment of Cost-Efficient and Sustainable Aquaculture: Need of the HourConcerns Over Farmed and Genetically Modified FishEmerging Technologies Set to Disrupt the Fisheries and Aquaculture MarketBlockchain TechnologySensors, Big Data & AISIssues Influencing Future Trade in Aquaculture and Related ProductsExternalitiesFood SecurityQualityTariffs4. AQUACULTURE: TECHNOLOGY INNOVATIONS & ADVANCEMENTSNew Innovative Technology and Practices to Enable Efficient and Sustainable AquacultureAlternative Feed, Vertical Underwater Farming & Re-Circulating Systems: Alternative to Diminishing Wild FisheriesInnovations Targeting Sustainable AquacultureOnshore PondsSalmon PensSeaweed FlatsSpotter PlanesShellfish CultivationTechnology Advancements in Offshore Fish FarmingAquapodSeaStationSmart Floating FarmsAquaSolKZO Sea Farms Mariculture ParksOcean FarmingNordlaks Havfarm ShipsRecirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS)Integrated Multi-Trophic AquacultureSeaweed: A High Potential Source for Bioenergy ProductionAgriMarine SystemSICRABiomass DailyaquaSmartFeedKind ProteinPhototrophic Algae in Fish FeedsOther Innovative Aquaculture Technologies and StrategiesAqua-Spark's Large-sized Aquaponics Systems for Purifying Water and Increased Fish ProductionAdvanced Feeding Technologies for Enhanced Production of SeafoodBiotechnology: Towards Safer and Eco-Friendly AquacultureMarine Organism-Based Chemicals Offer Potential for Biofuel GenerationGene Transfer /Transgenic FishSelective Breeding in AquacultureSignificance of Genetic Improvement ProgramsNeed for R & DAreas to be Researched UponExtensive and Intensive System of CultivationRelationship between Intensification and Environmental ImpactsPros and Cons of Capital-Intensive Production SystemsMethods to Overcome Drawbacks of Intensive CultivationDrones Gaining Popularity in Aquaculture5. AQUACULTURE, CLIMATE CHANGE & ENVIRONMENT POLLUTIONClimate Change to Seriously Impact Fish Rearing in the Near FutureDangers from Climate Change to Aquaculture across Countries and RegionsSystems and Species that are Most VulnerablePossible Solutions to Climate Change-Induced ProblemsAquaculture and Related Environment ConcernsToxic Additives and Contaminants in Farmed FishPromotion of Marine Conservation by NGOsFish for Fish FeedOrganic and Chemical PollutionMangroves and Shrimp AquacultureIntensive Shrimp Farming: A Threat to EnvironmentBest Production and Management Practices in AquacultureInternational Standards for Aquaculture DrugsAquaculture Trade RegulationsInternational AgreementsWhite Spot Disease - A Major Threat for Shrimp IndustryPredator Control in AquacultureEmployment Opportunities in Aquaculture to GrowNegative Effects and Risks of AquacultureEl Nino and La Nina - Effects on Aquatic Life6. REGULATORY ENVIRONMENTRegulations in Drug UsageThreat of Antibiotic ResistancePesticide Use in AquacultureAlternativesGovernment Intervention: A Prerequisite7. PRODUCT OVERVIEWAquacultureTypes of AquacultureFood Fish SpeciesBait SpeciesOrnamental SpeciesFee FishingAquarium AquacultureLake Stock AquacultureWhy Aquaculture?Modern Aquaculture SystemsProduction Phases in AquacultureProduction MethodsPondsCage CultureRacewaysWater Re-Circulating SystemsMajor Aquaculture Species CultivatedFreshwater FishesAquatic Plants and AlgaeMicroalgaeFreshwater Aquaculture: Semi-Intensive Vs Intensive SystemsNets Used for AquacultureSeine NetsTrawl NetsBeam TrawlsOtter TrawlsPair TrawlsOtter TrawlsPair TrawlsLift NetsGillnets and Entangling NetsTrapping Nets8. COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPEAquaculture Marketplace: Highly FragmentedMarine Harvest: A Major Player in Atlantic Salmon Farming MarketPrivate Sector Investments Vie to Bridge Gap in the Market8.1 Focus on Select Global Players8.2 Recent Industry ActivityClean Seas Seafood to Distribute Yellowtail Kingfish in ChinaNeovia Takes Over BalnovaTassal Acquires Fortune GroupCargill Establishes Aquaculture Innovation Center in IndonesiaADM to Purchase NeoviaSokotra Capital Purchases L'Aquaculture TunisienneMubadala and AMERRA to Take Over Acquire Nireus and SelondaNippon Acquires Stake in Seafarms GroupBakkafrost Takes Over North HoldingKemin Establishes New Aquaculture Division, AquaKultureSkretting Buys Out JV Partner in West AfricaSaLMar Acquires 51% stake in MariCultureAquaBounty Expands Rollo Bay FacilityButterfly Purchases Pacifico AquacultureMarine Harvest Acquires Northern HarvestCooke Aquaculture Takes Over Omega Protein Corp.Neovia Completes Takeover of EpicoreInnovaSea Systems Acquires Amirix SystemsOntario Teachers' Takes Over Atlantic Aqua FarmsRussian Aquaculture Takes Over Olden OppdrettsanleggCooke Completes Takeover of Omega Protein CorporationBakkafrost Achieves ASC Certification for Funningsfjrur Farming SiteAquaBounty Takes Over Bell Fish Company9. GLOBAL MARKET PERSPECTIVE10. REGIONAL MARKET PERSPECTIVE10.1 The United StatesA. Market AnalysisRising Demand for Health Foods from Aquaculture Drive Market GrowthFarmed Catfish Dominates Aquaculture Production and Revenues in the USMarket Fortunes Tied to Demand from Seafood Processing and Preparation IndustryFeed Prices: Largest Cost Component for Aquaculture OperatorsSoutheastern States Dominate Aquaculture ProductionAquaculture: Fastest Growing Segment of AgricultureUS Aquaculture Producing Regions by Species ProducedEvolution of Aquaculture over Wild HarvestAquaculture Imports Compensate for Low Domestic ProductionAn Insight into the US Antibiotics Market in Aquaculture IndustryMajor Challenges Facing US Aquaculture MarketRegulatory IssuesThe HACCP System for Food SafetyRegulatory Environment: An Important Entry BarrierCompetitive Landscape: Highly FragmentedB. Market Analytics10.2 CanadaA. Market AnalysisThe World's Largest Freshwater System and the Longest Coastline Offers Lucrative Opportunities for AquacultureBritish Columbia: A Major Fish Farming Region in CanadaB. Market Analytics10.3 JapanA. Market AnalysisDespite Challenges, the Japanese Aquaculture Market Continues to Post GrowthB. Market Analytics10.4 EuropeA. Market AnalysisPotential to Reduce Dependence on Traditional Fishing Sustain Market GrowthNorway, Faroe Islands, and Denmark: Leading Aquaculture Producing Countries in the RegionThe ClimeFish Project: Towards Expansion in Aquaculture ProductionThe FISHBOOST Project for Improving Aquaculture Breeding MethodsThe FishMedPlus Coalition: Enhancing Veterinary Medical Care for AquacultureAscertaining Health of Fish in FarmsRearing of Ballan Wrasse to Address the Issue of Sea Lice in Norway WatersKey Challenges to Development of Organic Aquaculture in EuropeSelect Regional MarketsIrelandGermany: The Largest Importer of Fish in EU Witness Growing Salmon ConsumptionNorway: The Global Leader in Commercialized AquacultureRussia: A High Growth Potential MarketInvestments Pour into Russian Aquaculture MarketSalmon Market: A Promising Segment for Aquaculture Industry in RussiaSpain: Mussels, Seabream, and Rainbow Trout Lead Aquaculture CultivationUK: Leading Aquaculture Producer in EuropeAtlantic Salmon: A Promising Segment MarketB. Market Analytics10.5 ChinaA. Market AnalysisChina: Largest Producer, Exporter, and Consumer of Aquaculture WorldwideFreshwater Aquaculture Dominates Production, Followed by MaricultureFavorable Government Support Provides Growth ImpetusEmergence of Enhanced Breeding StrainsLaunch of New SpeciesDevelopments in Aquaculture EngineeringDiversified Diets, Rising Affluence and Favorable Policies Boost Market ProspectsChina's Aquaculture Industry Witnesses Modernization through Cloud ComputingDespite Rapid Expansion, Safety and Quality Concerns Continue to Haunt Chinese ProduceB. Market Analytics10.6 Asia-PacificA. Market AnalysisAsian Countries Emerge as Sizable Producers and Exporters of AquacultureAquaculture Producing Countries: Major Species Produced by Country NameOverview of Select Regional MarketsAustraliaWith a Large Marine Territory, Australia Emerges as a Potential Laden Aquaculture MarketFarmed Salmonids Dominate Aquaculture Production in the CountryAdministration and RegulationsBangladeshIndiaOverviewFreshwater AquacultureBrackish Water AquacultureIndonesiaNew ZealandPremium Aquaculture and Precision Seafood Harvest to Improve Quality of SeafoodGrowing Demand for Quality, Premium ProductsVietnamB. Market Analytics10.7 Middle East & AfricaA. Market AnalysisAquaculture as a Realistic Solution to Achieving Food Security Drives Strong Market GrowthAquaculture Market in Saudi Arabia: Set for Robust GrowthUAE: A Nascent, Yet High Growth Market in the GCC RegionIranAquaculture Grows in Prominence for Iran's AgroeconomyFocus on Development of Sustainable MaricultureAfrica: Unexploited Nature of Aquaculture Industry Offers Growth PotentialEgypt and Nigeria Lead Aquaculture Production in AfricaAquaculture Production in South AfricaB. Market Analytics10.8 Latin AmericaA. Market AnalysisBrazil and Chile: High Growth Aquaculture Markets in the RegionAvailability of Large Fresh Water Resources and a Vast Coastline Favor Market Prospects in BrazilCompetitionB. Market AnalyticsTotal Companies Profiled: 154 (including Divisions/Subsidiaries - 160)

  • The United States (22)
  • Canada (3)
  • Japan (3)
  • Europe (92)
    • France (5)
    • Germany (2)
    • The United Kingdom (8)
    • Italy (3)
    • Spain (3)
    • Rest of Europe (71)
  • Asia-Pacific (Excluding Japan) (26)
  • Middle East (2)
  • Latin America (11)
  • Africa (1)

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Global Aquaculture Market Outlook, 2024 - Private Sector Investments Vie to Bridge Gap in the Market

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