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Qatar, know your young designers

(MENAFN - The Peninsula) By Satish Kanady I The Peninsula

Homegrown talents are increasingly, though slowly, emerging in Qatar as best jewelry designers in the Middle East. From the intricate and ultra complex designs to the minimalist excellence, Qatari design heroines are expanding their clientele by their fresh, edgy and new pieces.

The minimalist Sara Al Hammadi, complex and simplest Gadha Al Buainan and the 'detail freak Reem Al Shamari recently spoke to The Peninsula and shared their thoughts on ‘why do they think their pieces are unique?'

Ghadha , who started designing jewelry when she turned twenty years old, is a young designer who always tries to look into her old work and get inspiration from it keeping enough room for new ideas and influences from her surroundings. Her debut product was the pipe in gold collection which was inspired by petrol pipes. 'Those designs were direct and literal, she recalls. With each new collection, designs change and get more complex, but simplest, Gadha says.

On the shapes and modern element that infuse in her gorgeous pieces, Gadha repeats she was inspired by petrol pipes for our first collection, circles and wires for other initial collections. 'My thoughts are inspired from the environment around me, I love transferring the feelings that I get when I see the beauty of the everyday objects to tangible pieces.

Sara's jewelry is forthright, modern, stylish and diverse. Each piece is created keeping in mind the niche clientele, from five-carat cushion diamond rings to the classic heart shape solitaire necklaces and extravagant bridal jewelry. Sarah's & Co, established in Qatar in 2015, has a collection of exclusive diamond jewelry designed by Sara.

On the importance of stones in her works, Sara says each gemstone is important because of its individual identity and value factor it provides to the design. The distinction of designs made by Sara can be seen in the various collections which have been designed over the last three years. 'There are hints and motifs which are underlying keys to understanding these collections, which are essentially unifying factors for each collection. For instance, the ‘premier' jewelry collection is designs with a classic and simplistic theme of a solitaire, modified cushion cut diamond, mounted in a four prong setting and surrounded by a halo of round diamonds. The theme of this design is simplicity and elegance.

'Each of my jewelry pieces are divers and have an expression of thought based on the collection and specific design. Overall the jewelry I design is made to provide a blend of classic pieces with hints of contemporary elements. There is also a flair of exotic colours in my jewelry pieces along with bold and simpler pieces.

On the importance of colour in her works, Sara says the colour is important while conceptualizing a design of jewelry, as it will determine the temperament of the design, along with materials which are eventually used for making it.

On her design philosophy, Reem Al Shamari of WITR claims WITR has initiated a new concept in the region's design world in 2015, which never existed before, and it is the eye print jewelry. WITR did not stop there, but also created ancient design jewelry that goes back to the perished times using gold with carefully selected stones. On the importance of stone in WITR's works Reem says: 'Precious stones and semi-precious stones might be known as complementary to jewelry sometimes, but to WITR those colourful stones add the spirit to those beautifully sculpted designs.'

'To WITR, colour is the elements that work as a beacon in jewelry. Therefore, we select our colours carefully to voice our emotions and feelings through them-happiness, serenity, joy and pride.

WITR's target customers are the high-end that appreciate the concept of personal value, and fine jewelry that is limited to one piece as well as imperial designs.

Ask a believer in minimalist designs? Reem replies : ' WITR's designs tend to be art deco, ancient concepts and complicated to actual eye prints of customers. There are definitely simpler lines, but even those care about the finest of fine details to them. We have once been called 'detail freaks, which we, as a matter of fact, quite proud of.


Qatar, know your young designers


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