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UAE assures 'threatened' woman of her legal rights

(MENAFN - Khaleej Times) A top UAE official has assured an Emirati mother of her legal rights after she allegedly fled to Macedonia over 'threats' from her family 'for seeking divorce'.

Afra Rashid Al Basti, Director-General of the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children (DFWAC) and a Federal National Council member, told Khaleej Times that under the UAE law, she is protected and has a right to custody of her children. Al Basti said her foundation and lawyers would help the woman, Hind Albolooki, with the case. "I was recently made aware of the case of @HAlbolooki. I am writing this to publicly demonstrate my support to this case. Everyone is entitled to have freedom, especially women. Dubai and the leadership have set clear policies and laws to protect women in these circumstances."

"I have personally selected lawyers that are ready to assist @HAbolooki and guide her through this process. My top priority is to safely reunite @HAbolooki with her children," she tweeted.

Albolooki recently posted a video on YouTube, claiming that she had fled to Macedonia after being threatened by her "father, his big brother and my big brother" for seeking divorce.

The UAE Embassy in Rome also issued a statement.Ahmed Almulla, Deputy Head of Mission, UAE Embassy in Rome said:

"The UAE Embassy in Rome, which is responsible for diplomatic and consular relations with the Republic of Macedonia, is aware of Mrs Albolooki's social media posts.

The Embassy will collect any evidence of illegal threats made against her and pass it to police so that it can be fully investigated. Our Embassy staff are ready to help Mrs Albolooki in any way they can."

"Domestic abuse is a serious crime, and has no place whatsoever in the UAE; Emirati women are protected and fully empowered under UAE laws. Crimes involving harm against women are severely prosecuted under UAE law, and these allegations should and will be fully investigated."

Al Basti told Khaleej Times that the mother has legal rights in the UAE and that the foundation has dealt with "hundreds of such cases". "There are lawyers who are working with us at the foundation and giving free consultation and support for all women. We talked about her case and they are happy to follow up.

"With what she's said on video, it's easy to deal with and handle (in the UAE), especially with our experience in this field. The law is always there with the mother, who is in charge of her children. She has the right of custody, financial support ... she has more rights.

"She can leave Macedonia, she's not happy there. She can come back to the UAE and she's protected by the law. There is no other authority higher than the law."

Al Basti said that she has sent the mother a private message on Twitter, but is yet to receive a proper response. The only response Al Basti has received is this: "Write to me in English".

The DFWAC has been operational since 2007 and offers protection and support services to women and children in the UAE against domestic violence, child abuse and human trafficking.

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UAE assures 'threatened' woman of her legal rights


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