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Minister of Energy: The program of developing national industry and logistics will achieve economic growth for the Kingdom 2 Riyadh

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For his part, Minister of Transport Dr. Nabil bin Mohammed Al-Amoudi said that National Industrial Development and Logistics Program (NIDLP) is one of the most important programs in the Saudi economy, as it touches on all industrial sectors and logistics services, stressing that logistics is one of the pillars of the Kingdom's Vision 2030 by transforming the Kingdom into a global logistics center to link the three continents, especially since 12% of the global economy passes through the Red Sea.
He also said that the program focuses on the leadership of non-oil exports and makes the Kingdom an export and re-export platform.
Dr. Al- Amoudi said that there are projects to build infrastructure and other projects for digital transformation, citing the platform "Fasah", which comes in integration with several bodies, including the General Customs Authority, which facilitated the import and export in the Kingdom.
He also talked about the "Wasl", "Naql" and "Bayan" platforms, which are part of the Public Transport Authority, aiming at raising the level of land transport in the Kingdom and increasing the capacity of the infrastructure invested by the Kingdom over the past decades, to raise its efficiency and not to inject investments in the wrong place.
Al-Amoudi said that there are about 60 initiatives in the field of logistics, looking for investments of more than 165% or 35 billion riyals, pointing that there are five new airports and nearly 2000 kilometers of new railways, as all these will lead by 2030 to the increase and contribution of the logistics sector by about 221 billion riyals to the GDP.
He pointed out that there are procedures for the establishment of special economic zones with many characteristics, with the contribution of the General Customs Authority, to push the import and export movement in the Kingdom, indicating that the upgrading of the logistics services in the Kingdom comes to raise the level of the Kingdom to be the first regionally by 2030, expressing his pride in the services provided to all citizens and expatriates.
He said regarding the Red Sea ports that we have capacity in the Kingdom in all ports that excess capacity exceeds 50%, stressing that the capacity of infrastructure is good, and that some statistics in the Kingdom's ports on the Red Sea acquires 90 to 95% of the Red Sea.
Dr. Al-Amoudi revealed a project under study with the Ministry of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources to be a place to supply fuel for ships, discussing the land bridge, which is part of the comprehensive plan in the Kingdom's railways.
He said that there are 4500 kilometers of railways and will reach in the comprehensive plan 9200 km.
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Minister of Energy: The program of developing national industry and logistics will achieve economic growth for the Kingdom 2 Riyadh

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