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What is the function of aSSL certificate and what are the specific advantages of COMODO SSL?

(MENAFN - Market Press) In today's world, data is the new gold and securing data is one of the most important aspects of any operation. Given that websites are hosted online in often remote servers and there is continuous traffic, it is a genuine need to show that all the data is being securely transmitted. This is more so in the case of financial services and e-commerce websites. This is where the function of an SSL certificate comes in.

Further, even from the perspective of online marketing, it is an important requirement, since Google has openly declared that in ranking a website per its search algorithm, it will give greater importance to a website with an SSL security than to websites that do not have this certificate.

Some of the specific advantages of a Comodo SSL certificate are
1) Comodo SSL is amongst the largest trust providers in the world.
Comodo has excellent infrastructure and has become the largest provider of trust services in the world. They are continuously pushing the frontiers and are at the leading edge of technology. All these benefits are obviously transferred to their customers (who else?)

2) Widespread acceptability
Comodo SSL is widely accepted and recognized by 99.9% of all devises, major browsers and the like. Hence, adding their certificate is an assurance to end customers that our website is well protected and that the data is secure.

3) A 256-bit symmetric encryption
Comodo SSL offers world beating 256-bit symmetric encryption. This means that the data in transit can never be compromised, even if a supercomputer were to be at work!

4) Trust Indication
A trust logo seal on your website is the highest visual indication of security and it is easily recognized by visitors. Once visitors are convinced of your website's security, they will continue their online engagement (reading your blog, shopping on your website etc). Thus, for a small investment, you can reap rich rewards.

5) Competitive pricing
Even though Comodo are a leading service provider of SSL certificates, they have not abused their dominant position. A variety of SSL certificates are available for every need and business and hence, the choice is entirely up to the user's needs and requirements. A single SSL certificate can be used for the main domain, as well as all the sub domains and hence, certificate management is easy.
For more information, visit: https://www.nikitha.in/ssl-certificate.php


What is the function of aSSL certificate and what are the specific advantages of COMODO SSL?

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