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#CES2019: P&G's beauty 'wand' acts as real-world Photoshop for skin

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#CES2019: P&G's beauty 'wand' acts as real-world Photoshop for skin
13 Jan 2019

This year at CES, Procter and Gamble unveiled a whole new way to get rid of blemishes.

The MNC showcased Opte, a handheld device that detects hyperpigmentation, freckles, and age spots and erases them with a specialized serum.

It prints the product on top of the marks, acting as a real-world Photoshop for the skin.

Here's how it works.

Opte restores natural beauty
12 Jan 2019

Normally, you may use concealers to cover up dark spots, moles, or redness on your face.

However, the all-new Opte wand acts as a precise solution for marks and leaves the rest of the skin untouched.

Meaning, all you have to do is apply it on the face (like a shaver) and see all blemishes and freckles disappear - in real time.

Opte beauty wand captures 200 images per second

Once you start applying, Opte will use Blue LEDs to detect smallest of the blemishes, even those not perceivable by the human eye.

It will take 200 images per second and determine the size, shape, and intensity of each bad spot with a microcomputer algorithm.

After this, the micro-printer on the device will apply tiny droplets of a special serum on the problem areas.

Also, Opte prints any skin color
Added benefit

As TheNextWeb reports, the micro-printer of the beauty wand can print any skin color, be it for fair, medium, or dark-toned people.

The product applied through Opte lasts for a day, but it is important to note that it even tackles the problem of blemishes in the long run with advanced anti-aging ingredients.

So, you're getting dual benefits here.

Price not announced, but release expected soon

P&G has not revealed the actual price of Opte beauty wand.

However, considering the effectiveness of both the device and its serum, we expect it to be priced on the higher side.

An official launch of the product is expected to happen by the end of this year or in early 2020.


#CES2019: P&G's beauty 'wand' acts as real-world Photoshop for skin

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