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#HealthBytes: 6 food-items to avoid during winters, to stay healthy

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#HealthBytes: 6 food-items to avoid during winters, to stay healthy
11 Jan 2019

It's the winter season. And since, the chances of catching a cold or flu is higher than ever during the cold weather, it becomes extremely crucial to mind your diet and environment.

Certain food items must be taken, and others should better be dropped off, in order to stay healthy.

Here are 6 food items you should avoid, to stay healthy, this winters.

Foods to avoid: Dairy and Baked items
Foods #1,2

Dairy: Dairy products like milk, cream, and cheese are a big no-no during the cold season. This is because these items make your cold symptoms worse, and may also badly affect digestion.

Baked goods: Your favorite baked cookies might sound like the best plan during winters, but the saturated fats in them, coupled with winters-induced slow-metabolism will end up making you fat(!)

Reduce your intake of spicy and sugary foods
Foods #3,4

Pepper: The chillies might be a good antidote to your blocked nose or sinus, but they will mess up with your stomach and digestion. So, reduce, or better off, eliminate your intake of pepper.

Sugar: Hot chocolate milk sure feels great during winters, but studies prove that too much sugar intake can weaken your immune system, so it's better to set a limit.

Let go of Berries and Asparagus
Foods #5,6

Berries: The refreshingly juicy berries like strawberries/blueberries feel great, but the transit and storage hassles during winters take their nutritious goodness away from them.

Asparagus: Asparagus, and other such vegetables, are best left for spring season, as they won't go so well down your system, during the cold weather. Going for dark, leafy veggies, like kale, is a better bet.


#HealthBytes: 6 food-items to avoid during winters, to stay healthy

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