Thursday, 27 June 2019 11:13 GMT

Turkey Calls for Joint Control with Russia & Iran over US Troop Pullout from Syria

(MENAFN - Daily Outlook Afghanistan) ISTANBUL - As the US is experiencing 'certain difficulties with the withdrawal from Syria, it should be coordinated with Iran and Russia to prevent 'terrorists from taking up the vacated space, the Turkish foreign minister said.
'The United States [has] been facing certain difficulties with the process of the troops' withdrawal from Syria. We want to coordinate this process with Russia and Iran, with which we had arranged work in the framework of the Astana process, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said Wednesday.
Cavusoglu visited Moscow late in December to discuss the situation in Syria. On Wednesday, he mulled bilateral talks between Turkey and Iran, giving no timeframe, however. At the same time, Cavusoglu revealed that a summit between all three partiesis being prepared in Moscow.
The proposal comes as Ankara and Washington are engaged in a bitter war of words over the US troop withdrawal from Syria. On Tuesday, US National Security Advisor John Bolton blasted an opinion piece penned by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for the New York Times as both 'offensive and wrong. Erdogan praised his own efforts in combatting terrorism in Syria, while criticizing the US-backed operations in Raqqa and the Iraqi city of Mosul, as well as recalling the 'lesson of Iraq and the 'premature declarations of victory which led to the emergence of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS). Prior to that exchange, Bolton demanded safety guarantees for Syria's Kurds from Turkey, calling it a precondition for US withdrawal. (RT)


Turkey Calls for Joint Control with Russia & Iran over US Troop Pullout from Syria

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