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GPM Planet ltd. is going to sign the cooperation with Barrier GmbH in 2019

(MENAFN - Market Press) Prague, Czech Republic - DECEMBER 27TH, 2018 - GPM Planet Europe. GPM Planet has announced the cooperation agreement assignment with Barrier GmbH in 2019 producing the water filters. The new active carbon technology that GPM Planet provided to the European and Asian markets will help to create the next generation of water treatment equipment with up to 90% less environmental pollution, comparing to cocoa carbon.

"Successful cooperation of multiple water pollution treatment technologies takes us another step closer to the ecology business," said Igor Kasinov, Managing Director at GPM Planet. "The carbon technology based on the cocoa raw materials that is popular now, provide the huge pollution on the 3rd countries territory that affects Europe and the US territory in the end. We are proud to cooperate with such a huge influencer of ecology market as Barrier GmbH in 2019 to spotlight the next steps driving ecology evolution".

In the course of numerous scientific studies and applying their results in practice, we came to an unequivocal conclusion: even today humanity is in dire need of really clean ecological technologies.

It appears extremely important for each of us to recognize that environmental problems are no longer just empty talk used by politicians and the Green Peace representatives on television. Consequences of environmental problems have recently become not something that threatens humanity in several generations or in a couple of decades. Now this is what each of us wakes up and falls asleep to every day.

The GPM-Planet mission is to develop advanced technologies in the field of environmental safety in order to protect humanity and environment from harmful impacts associated with water, food, soil and air pollution.

The group of companies GPM Planet has been operating since 2009 and works in the field of green technology development. During this time, we were able to gather more than 40 people with practical experience under one roof and educate a new generation of specialists working in the field of environmental clean-up. Employees of the company continuously perform large-scale scientific work in the field of research and creation of practical effective green technologies that improve the quality of human life, which has led to a number of patent works that have already been used in practice for more than one year.
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GPM Planet ltd. is going to sign the cooperation with Barrier GmbH in 2019

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