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Rhythm in Chicago Based EDM Artist Djidaze's New Track 'Nightsilence' is Mesmerizing

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Chicago, Dec 4, 2018 ( )-Djidaze is one of the well known independent Dance and EDM artist in the music world. He is a musician, actor and DJ artist. There is a presence of original dance beats and the music loops with trance vocals and effects. The two instruments that make his tracks more captivating are Korg N364 and drums. He is back in the music world with his all-new track NightSilence . The hook melody, in particular, has a satisfying and addictive quality. The rhythm and the pace are constant as well as seemingly ever increasing. The melody and the performance in the track are stunning, inspiring and perfectly well at every step.

The instrumental break in the track NightSilence by djidaze s adds an entirely new dynamic to the track that is changing the mood, seemingly lifting the pace and raising the intensity. The soundscape itself is multi-layered, optimistic and colorful in its energy. The drop off the hook works brilliantly and the tune in the track is well crafted. The way of production, the mix, the energy, and the creativity makes the track beautiful. The soundscape throughout the track becomes increasingly blissful to escape. You can listen to his songs by simply visiting Soundcloud.

 The music in the track NightSilence by djidazes lean in the direction of simple good vibes. The opening moment in the track presents certain originality which draws the attention of the listeners and the end part of the composition is pretty perfect. There is a clear balance between the nostalgic and contemporary which works beautifully. The rhythm in the track NightSilence gives the feel like a racing heart and the bass notes and the minimalist layers surround the listeners as delicacy and darkness intertwined. Watch his music videos on Youtube and get more updates about his upcoming music simply follow him on Twitter .

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Rhythm in Chicago Based EDM Artist Djidaze's New Track 'Nightsilence' is Mesmerizing


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