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Letter: Electricity generation

(MENAFN - Caribbean News Now) Dear Sir:

Offshore wind with very small natural gas input and tidal electricity generation… ten years ago, if this proposal was politically supported with the necessary legislative amendments, to purchase produced electricity via a (T & TEC must buy all Trinity Power Limited for smelter operations) sale-to-grid contract, Trinidad and Tobago would have benefited, and be benefiting by means of natural gas savings for other commercial purposes, earning additional strong foreign currency and further diversifying the local economy with a new industry, new jobs.

The nation would have maintained and created new jobs (welders and fabricators) previously involved in building its natural gas pipeline network.

The nation would have had created a new industry, export driven, earning foreign currency, company and diversified into turbine manufacturing, installation, operation and maintenance, with its Caribbean neighbours as its first customers.

This would have saved, for other usage, a significant amount of natural gas over these years; natural gas sales for ammonia and methanol production, for export as liquefied natural gas (LNG), and for local transportation usage of compressed natural gas (CNG).

Commissioning locally in stages, an offshore wind farm supplying electricity to the grid at a greatly reduced cost would have been followed by offshore natural gas pipeline networks to Caribbean islands to strengthen production in low or high winds. Hence, selling Caribbean customers a synergy of clean energy and, further, taking advantage of tidal power to generate electricity and clean beaches.

Terrance A. Jennings


Letter: Electricity generation


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