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'Dear Zindagi' turns two: Looking back at lessons it taught

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'Dear Zindagi' turns two: Looking back at lessons it taught
25 Nov 2018

In 2016, director Gauri Shinde gifted cine lovers two characters that are loved even now, Kaira and Dr. Jug, played by Alia Bhatt and Shah Rukh Khan respectively.

Dear Zindagi, the movie which opened conversations about mental health, turns two today.

While Dr. Jug delivered a lot of lessons during various sessions to Kaira, the movie in whole had many hidden life hacks.

We bring you five of them.

Your confidant isn't permanent

After spending time with Dr. Jug, Kaira made him her comfort zone. Turning to him for advice seemed the easiest thing to do.

Till Dr. Jug said she was capable enough to solve her problems. What he implied was that the compulsive thought of having a confidant should be thrown in a dustbin.

Because in the end, it's your life to live, solve and sort out!

Everyone loves passion, only till it doesn't kill relationships

Okay, so let's get it straight. Everyone likes a partner who is passionate and has individuality. But, what most of us don't get is that sometimes one has to look beyond their passion to know the person they are with.

Rumi (Ali Zafar) was a brilliant singer but he didn't see beyond that and put his relationship on the back seat.

Avoid that.

Date as much as you want

Citing the example of buying chairs, Dr. Jug made an imperative point. He said it aloud that just because we have the fear of being frowned upon for dating different people, we settle for someone who isn't 'The One'.

This isn't the best choice of life. Who knows, while you get busy settling, your eternal soul mate would just pass by?

We are all a little twisted, and that's okay

In the scene which establishes the awesomeness of Dr. Jug, we see him wearing ripped jeans at a formal event.

He was absolutely unapologetic about it and then went on to say everyone should just accept themselves.

Through the course of the movie, we see Kaira trying to be comfortable with her flaws, and by the end, she feels free and happy.

Your life matters, and so does your friends'

Amid the entire process of self-loathing, we tend to forget that our friends have a life too.

Kaira made this mistake when she didn't know about her friend Jackie's love life. The next blunder she committed was judging her boyfriend.

And what did we learn? Be considerate towards your friends. You probably won't find the ones worth sticking for, again.


'Dear Zindagi' turns two: Looking back at lessons it taught

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