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All about mystery box in Call of Duty's Blackout mode

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All about mystery box in Call of Duty's Blackout mode
12 Sep 2018

Call of Duty's Blackout mode is out in beta, and players have started testing it.

The reviews have been positive, except the complaints about the time-taking looting mechanism. The developers have, effortlessly, brought the 'Battle Royale' mode to the game.

However, what makes the experience unique is CoD's own mechanics in-game. One such interesting feature is the mystery box.

Read about it here.

The original mystery boxes of Call of Duty
Zombie boxes

Mystery boxes are obviously important in the Blackout mode as they will give you an edge over your opponents with upgraded armor and weapons.

However, these boxes did appear in another mode, where they had even more significance. The Zombie mode introduced the mystery boxes to the gameplay.

In that mode, the boxes gave good loot at low prices and unique weaponry like ray-guns.

What do mystery boxes give in Blackout?

Mystery boxes appear in the Blackout mode and contain armor, weapons, and perks for players to collect. They are the equivalent of boxes obtained at air drops in most 'Battle Royale' games. They contain specialized items that might not spawn in-game naturally.

Where to find the mystery boxes?
Box locations

Obviously, you will want to make a beeline to loot boxes in-game and get an edge over your opponents.

These boxes appear in specific locations in the game, but only spawn few at a time.

However, if you do not know the spawn locations, follow the thunderclaps and light beam shining into the sky.

These indicators accompany the spawning of a box.

Take what you can, give nothing back

Once players make their way to the light shining up, they will discover the mystery box. It is a wooden box with a question mark.

However, players must be wary before looting, not only of enemies looking to take a pot shot but also of zombies that roam around the area.

Oh yes, there are zombies in Blackout and you can fight them too.

Fans get a glimpse of Zombie mode in Blackout

For players who loved the Zombie mode, they have a special treat waiting. While collecting from the mystery boxes, they would encounter zombies. However, if they win, zombies drop loot including Zweihander and ray-gun, two beloved weapons from the Zombie mode.


All about mystery box in Call of Duty's Blackout mode

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