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Tuesday, 05 July 2022 12:37 GMT

Oman- Word on the street: School bus accidents

(MENAFN- Muscat Daily) Public opinion on the streets of Muscat

Quality of school transport has improved considerably but accidents continue to happen. What do you think can be done to reduce them?

Tariq Imam, Sales manager

Training school bus drivers should be a priority. Schools should also install speed limiters in all their vehicles.

Tahir Ghaus, Doctor

Apart from continuous training for drivers, there should be awareness programmes about safe school transport in society. This will help other commuters on the road to be cautious.

Nibras Abdullah Omar, Doctor

Accidents involving school buses are still rampant. The main reasons include failure to follow safety regulations by schools and lack of communication with parents. If both parents and schools join hands, I am sure the number of accidents involving school buses will come down.

Ayman Abd al Karim, Relationship manager

Most of these accidents occur due to human errors. Some steps that can prevent accidents are a dedicated cabin for drivers where no passengers are allowed. This will help the driver concentrate better. School buses should have more than one supervisor on board to monitor the children. It is also important that the buses are regularly inspected and owners submit a service report to the schools.

Safa Abdulqader, Doctor

School bus accidents are a cause of grave concern and the foremost thing is awareness among children. Children should be taught how to behave when travelling in a bus. A trained supervisor and teacher should be there in each bus. Apart from these, cameras in the bus will help parents to keep a watch.

Ahmed al Balushi, Government employee

Accidents involving school buses have increased in the past. The foremost step should be to set up a training school especially for drivers that teaches them the importance of following safety rules.

Most of the cases occur due to human error, what do you think can be done to educate and train school bus drivers?

Mohammad Alam, Businessman

Yes, it is always wise to train drivers so that accidents can be prevented. Training should be an all-round one that involves safety regulations and dealing with all types of emergencies.

Mohammed Ashraf, Businessman

No, I don't think that training and education will help all the time because sometimes things are destined to be. However, prevention is always better than cure.

Mohammed Ashraf Tanbir, Businessman

It is a great idea to educate and train drivers because it will ensure safety. Also, it is important that driving classes are a comprehensive one that includes all aspects of road safety.

Vijay Shekar, Communications professional

A systematic public awareness campaign should be conducted. Also, authorities should make sure school bus drivers are given road safety points. Those with the maximum points should be given some incentive. Children too should be taught the importance of following road safety rules.

Sulaiman al Khalili, Government employee

When appointing school drivers, management should ensure that only qualified people are recruited. The ROP should conduct special tests for those wishing to drive school vehicles. In addition, all school buses should be equipped with cameras and sensors so that they are under strict supervision always.

Jai Kumar, Filmmaker

There is a need for effective media campaigns targeting school bus drivers. Drivers should be given proper training before being allowed to start. School bus drivers should be asked to go through an extra test before driving around.

Should wearing of seatbelts be made compulsory in school buses?

Ashraf Thundiyil, Manager

Yes, seatbelts should be made mandatory in buses. I believe most buses come with safety belts. However, fitting seatbelts to the fold-down seats between rows maybe difficult.

Dhaigham Hassan Ali al Ajmi, Insurance executive

Wearing seatbelts should be made mandatory even in school buses. Also, drivers and supervisors should ensure that all students are strapped in. I hope we all learn from the terrible accidents that have happened lately and do everything to minimise the risks.

Said Sultan al Rashdi, Insurance executive

Yes, seatbelts should be mandatory. However, that is not enough. Buses should have supervisors who are trained and paid well so that that they do their work diligently.

B Shayina Mariam, Homemaker

Seatbelts should be made mandatory in school buses. In a majority of the accidents reported, children are the worst-affected. They keep roaming around in a moving vehicle. And they are the first to be thrown out of the window when an accident happens.

Anoop Subhash, Senior business development officer

Accidents are inevitable as there will be some errant drivers. If seatbelts are compulsory for a child travelling in a car then the same should be applicable in school buses as well. Children are the future and if we care for them then we must make seatbelts mandatory in school buses too.

Ibrahim al Maskery, Hardware engineer

Children are very impatient and are difficult to manage when travelling in a vehicle. That is why in the event of a collision children are the worst-affected. More deaths are reported amongst children not wearing a seatbelt while travelling. So seatbelts should be made compulsory in school buses as well.


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