The Process and Advantages of Recycling Cardboard Today

(MENAFNEditorial) Cardboard is one of many items that can be recycled by not only individual people but businesses both big and small. Recycling cardboard not only helps the environment, but it saves these companies money on waste disposal costs. Cardboard boxes are made of thick sheets and are built to be heavy-duty, which means that they're perfect for making products like cereal boxes, shoe boxes, egg cartons, and packaging boxes.

The process of cardboard recycling starts with the collection of the material. Most businesses and recyclers will drop their cardboard boxes off at collection points. These points can include commercial outlets, scrap yards, stores, and just trash points. When the material is collected, it is measured and then hauled to facilities dedicated to recycling, mostly paper mills. It is important to note that there are some types of cardboard box that are not accepted due to where they were manufactured or how they were made.

When the cardboard boxes get to the recycling facility, the boxes are then sorted by what type of cardboard they are. The two types they can fall into are boxboard and corrugated cardboard. Boxboard is used for cartons of food or drink and cereal boxes. Corrugated boxes are commonly used to transport goods, meaning they are bigger and stiffer.

The boxes are then shredded to small, fine pieces which are then pulped into a slurry substance. The purpose of this step is to mix the material with new pulp to make it more solid and firmer.

The pulpy material then goes through a thorough process of filtering to rid the material of anything foreign or impure, like glue, tape, or string. It then goes through another chamber that removes any metal staples or plastic from the pulp. The next step is de-inking. The pulp is put in a floatation device that has chemicals that remove all forms of ink and dye, ensuring that the pulp is ready for its final stage.

The material is then left on a conveyor belt with a heated surface to dry and is passed through a machine that presses out any excess water that it's holding. This machine also helps the formation of mediums and linerboards. These linerboards are what is glued together to make new pieces of cardboard. Alternatively, the mediums and linerboards are transferred to a boxboard company where they create those cardboard boxes for food.

A few benefits that come with recycling cardboard boxes include promoting environmental conservation, saving energy, and supporting the use of renewable resources. When cardboard is recycled, it reduces the amount of waste in landfills and improves the cleanliness of the environment. Cardboard recycling promotes the use of renewable materials thanks to the wood chips that are added during the pulping process of creating cardboard. These chips are made from pine or birch typically, and they contain a lot of recyclable content. When these trees are compared to hardwood trees, it's seen that they often grow first. This allows for people to create a sustainable plan to harvest the trees while not harming the ecosystem. The amount of energy used to produce corrugated packaging is also reduced with recycling. Costs are also saved when businesses recycle.

Recycling and reusing are easy for everyone to do, and there isn't just one way to do it. People can reuse the boxes that they already have. Instead of throwing away that cardboard box an important package came in, use it for storage. Passing on boxes is another option. People can just give the cardboard boxes they have to friends and family members that they know need them. People can also just purchase a recycling bin for those pieces of cardboard that cannot be reused. Recycling is good for the future of the planet since it helps reduce the pollution created from the production of new materials, conserves resources, and creates jobs.

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