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Afghanistan- The Reasons behind a Peaceful Coexistence in China

(MENAFN- Daily Outlook Afghanistan) In the People's Republic of China, all individuals are able to exercise their fundamental rights –i.e. their rights to life, liberty, and property – without barriers. One will not be discriminated on the grounds of their caste, color, or creed andmen and women are considered 'free and equal in dignity and rights.
Both men and women exercise their rights and freedoms under the liberal democracy of China without social, political, or cultural obstacles. That is to say, there are no cultural barriers to curtail the freedoms of women or hamper their participation in social or political activities. Cultural traditions for restricting women's role in collective life, which hold strong sway in patriarchal systems and traditional societies, are not practiced in China at all. Chinese women play their role actively in all aspects of social and political life. Sexual discrimination has no room in the liberal democracy of China and both genders exercise their human rights freely.
It is believed that China is a civil society, void of discrimination and violence, which safeguards the rights and liberties of all individuals and seeks to strengthen the spirit of brotherhood among all ethnic groups with the intention of having a peaceful and prosperous life. It is further believed that humanism is the lifeblood of the ideology of the Communist Party of China (CPC) which advocates socialism with Chinese characteristics. The state strongly supports the inalienable rights of all members of the society and 'promotes social progress and better standard of life in larger freedom.
Meanwhile, individuals exercise religious tolerance and diversity of religion, language, race, etc. are accepted as a principle for the Chinese. In other words, the three D's (development, dynamics, and diversity) have been deeply embedded in Chinese culture. Although 56 ethnic groups live in China, there is no tension or conflicts. If people believe diversity, they will practice tolerance and will show no tendency in violence. Thus, accepting diversity, which promotes the spirit of coexistence, is one of the main reasons behind a violence-free China.
The Chinese live in their utopia free from fear and want and 'everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person. They live a peaceful life and respect the rights and liberty of one another to a great extent. For example, a woman is able to walk alone late at night without the fear of having her rights or freedoms violated. Hence, the individuals' rights and liberties are respected everywhere in China.
The Chinese respect the law and seek to play their social, cultural, and political role in the frame of law. The public pay due respect to the limitations determined by law and fulfill their responsibilities besides exercising their rights. On the other hand, all individuals; irrespective of their race, color, religion, social and political status; are consideredequal in the eye of law and are entitled to equal protection of the law.
To view the ongoing violence and bloodshed in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen – to name but a few – lack of religious tolerance, warped mind, negative mindsets, racial and sexual discrimination, religious extremism, and the denial of one's rights and liberties are the main reasons. It is self-explanatory that intolerance and lack of spirit of brotherhood will leave no room for a peaceful coexistence.
Afghanistan is one of the states which has turned into a dystopian society by a number of issues. All the aforementioned issues, i.e.; religious intolerance, racial and sexual discrimination, patriarchal mindsets, etc. prevail in the country and take their toll on people. Life has turned cheap and the inherent rights and dignity of the public are violated on a large scale. Cultural traditions curtail the freedoms of women, who have suffered sexual discrimination during the past regimes. Worst of all, some women are tortured in desert courts which are conducted by tribal councils or the Taliban militants – this practice is against Islamic Sharia and Afghan Constitution.
To form a civil society void of violence and conflicts, Afghan nation will have to promote the spirit of brotherhood and respect the rights and freedoms of all individuals regardless of their racial, religious, and sexual backgrounds. Similar to Chinese nation, Afghans need to accept diversity of caste, color, and creed so as to live a peaceful life. Overall, China will be a true model for Afghanistan in terms of reaching a peaceful life and forming a society where all be able to exercise their rights and freedoms.


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