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The Lioncoin Came Out, What Does It Take To Replace Bitcoin?

(MENAFNEditorial) In June 2017, the Alpha Blockchain Labs team took three years to develop the 6th generation encrypted digital currency Lioncoin (abbreviated as LNC) finally came out, and then it obtained FCA and FINRA dual digital encryption license certification. After more than half a year of initial mining and certification, LNC was officially launched on February 2018 to the global market.

The birth and distribution of LNC can not be separated from the professionalism and strength of its development team. Alpha Blockchain Labs is made up of core members of research and development teams such as Wright coin, ETH, and Ribbon, as well as professors and experts from several universities. It can be said to be a gathering of all the core members of the current hot digital currency team. They are not only experienced, their strong technical strength is also recognized by the industry. Such a group of industry leaders with both industry vision and operational experience are not satisfied with the current market digital currency status quo, doing the existing block chain technology in-depth research, improvement and integration. Furthermore, a new generation of encrypted digital currency is developed, which integrates the advantages of the existing digital currency and combines the advantages of the existing digital currency. Seeing this, one cannot help having such a question in heart: What is superiority of LNC, and why is it worth investing?

First of all, LNC adopts the most advanced hybrid block chain technology, which takes the optimized Scrypt+HASH algorithm as the core, by using the innovative "POW+TPOS+POSL" proof method, constructing the intelligent contract system in a groundbreaking way. LNCAI is an open protocol system and a cyclic system based on P2P protocol and intelligent contract. It is able to realize registration, authentication, transformation, exchange, gambling, circulation, and other more complex interoperable operations on a variety of digital assets.

Second, the block-chain system behind it has also improved in versions that are now widely used. LNC adopts five layers: application layer, contract layer, logical layer, data layer and security layer. The application layer provides users with good application interface to the multi-terminal, which is convenient for users to manage the assets. The contract layer adopts the joint venture contract and the joint control contract to issue and manage the assets. The logic layer is the core of the algorithm, doing logical judgment of operation behavior of users and determinating related behavior instructions. The data layer uses the distributed account book + distributed computing technology to realize the detailed record of assets issue, consumption, exchange and so on, which makes digital currency more transparent, compatible, have nature of more traceability and no fault tolerance. The security layer uses the military-level security defense algorithm to protect the digital assets of users.

In terms of volume, the LNC is much larger than Bitcoin. The total design amount is 99 million.Among them, the initial mining capacity is 9 million, selling mainly through online subscription. In addition, the late mining capacity of LNC is 90 million, which is used to pay interest on holding currency, promote incentive, online activity reward, etc. For its playing method, Alpha Blockchain Labs has also designed a variety of ways for users to play. Players generate blocks by themselves or by promoting others' participation in contributing to the community, and each block is rewarded with a newly created LNC. In addition, players can also achieve wealth preservation and appreciation through fair over-the-counter transactions. At the same time, players can be in the LNC independent development of the global commodity free trade platform and carry on offline and online consumption with merchants, achieving the actual use of LNC scene.

The positioning of LNC is not the only one, it is a digital currency but also a payment system. It can pay, accept, store any currency, including the United States dollar, rouble, euro, RMB, etc. and virtual currency such as Bitcoin, Wright coin, and indirect currencies such as gold, silver, and valuable financial derivatives. So LNC can also be called an open platform, an industry standard. Compared to global popular bitcoin, Lioncoin is more comprehensive.

In the future, LNC will be committed to the creation of digital money which has circulating value and investment value and can be in real use. Its core is put on commercial application and daily life payment, docking all kinds of businessmen in clothing, food, housing, food, drink and play, spreading to area of social society, electronic commerce, circulation, finance, internet, internet of things, and so on. It creates a global free trade platform for users and allows players holding LNC to pay and consume all over the world. Thus, LNC generates value in circulation.

Smart investors know how to get ahead of everyone else in the early days of each project. Are you the smart one?

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