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Bushiri has been named as the Person of the Year 2017 by Maravi Post

(MENAFN- The Maravi Post) Prophet Bushiri celebrates Mandela Day by kick starting a ZAR 20 million charity programme at two SA orphanages: Donates ZAR 100 000 (K5 million) to each

34 Then the King will say to those on His right hand, 'Come, you blessed of My Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world: 35 for I was hungry and you gave Me food; I was thirsty and you gave Me drink; I was a stranger and you took Me in; 36 I was naked and you clothed Me; I was sick and you visited Me; I was in prison and you came to Me.'…..'Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it to Me.' Matthew 25:34-36, 40b

LILONGWE- (MaraviPost) – The Maravi Post have named internationally acclaimed founder of the Enlightened Christian Gathering Church (ECG), and the Shepherd Bushiri Ministries International, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri the Person of the Year 2017. The ECG Church has its headquarters in Lilongwe the capital city of Malawi and branches across the African continent, including South Africa, where it is reported the various business, church and philanthropic entities he owns, employs over 10,000 Malawians.

According to information gleaned from his communications office and the Internet, Prophet 'Shepherd Bushiri is mightily used by God in prophetic, healing and deliverance ministries. His ministry is also known as the ministry of the book of Acts because of the great undeniable signs and wonders which happen in the name of Jesus. His prophecies are accurate and precise.'

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri was brought up in a Christian home. He is a son of Huxley and Christina Bushiri, in a mysterious way, 'that after he had been safely delivered, his mother called him Shepherd, acknowledging that the Lord is her Shepherd.'

Prophet Bushiri is recognized for his local, regional and global impact, undoubtedly giving courage and inspiration to others to do more for the less privileged people in our society.

Traditionally, The Maravi Post, Malawi's trusted online newspaper recognizes and records the works individuals and organizations do that transform communities in a variety of ways, including socially, economically, politically, and morally.

2017 has been a year of mixed fortunes and misfortunes on Malawians and beyond.

In the year 2017, we witnessed numerous political, social and economic upheavals and calamities that engulfed the nation, including persistent floods, road accidents, economic meltdown, school and work-related strikes and demonstrations, water, and food crisis plus power outages.

Shepard Bushiri Delivers Maize to Malawians

During many of these challenges, the one man of God Prophet Bushiri, lent his hand his spiritual and material support through donations in cash and kind. Ironically the country's leadership perceived the acts of mercy as a political gimmick, inherently putting the Man of God in a corner and causing him fail to stretch God's mercy to the suffering people. This was during a famine some parts of Malawi experienced earlier this year.

The Maravi Post nominates 'Prophet Shepherd Bushiri (also known as "Major One") for his tireless, inspiring, comforting and support of people everywhere - locally and globally.

He holds crusades, and economic and social gatherings in Malawi, South Africa, the USA, Venezuela and Australia. Recently he was the guest of the South Sudan government, where he signed a MoU that will create a mining investment partnership that will enhance the north eastern African country's mining sector.

South African-based Malawian Prophet Bushiri, who is the founding president of the Enlightened Church Gathering (ECG) ministries headquartered in Pretoria is our personality of the year, 2017.

For a 53-year old nation to still have millions of people go hungry, fail to meet basic social services of its people, dependent on erratic and moody donors, and to still have almost half of its people wallow in abject poverty — speaks volumes of leadership.

Bushiri activities demonstrate love and care for the people. It is not a wonder that some people are debating whether the Man of God can become a next leader for Malawi.


The prophet is recognized for numerous achievements he has made that directly or indirectly impact the society including:

  • He runs the world's fastest growing ministries, currently with over one million people, and, also, with established branches in all the world's six continents; with 300,000 in South Africa.
  • His Prophetic Channel TV broadcasts to more than 40 million viewers across the world. The TV recently launched its French and Spanish broadcasts.
  • He is the only church leader in South Africa whose Sunday Services pulls more than 60,000 people.
  • He is the only Malawian, outside politics, who receives state protection in every country he travels.
  • With 2.2 million likes on his Facebook page, he is the only Malawian with the largest following on Facebook.
  • He is Malawi's youngest and largest employer. His Shepherd Bushiri Investments (SBI) entities employ over 10,000 people, and 70 percent of them are Malawians.
  • Every year, he spends K2 billion on charitable activities in different countries, with Malawi enjoying the lion's share at 60 percent.
  • He only eats organic food from Malawi.
  • He is the only African church leader to consistently fill up the FNB Stadium, Africa's largest soccer stadium.
  • He is the only man in Africa driving a 2017 Rolls Royce Black Badge, which is worth K1.2 billion.
  • He is the only church leader from Malawi to be featured in the prestigious New African magazine and, again, the only Malawian to be named, by Africa.com, as one of the 10 affluent and influential families in Africa.
  • He is the only Malawian added in the Dubai Top Ten of doing business well from Africa.
  • He is the only man of God who has met almost all Heads of States and governments in Africa — except Malawi's Peter Mutharika.
  • He is the youngest man in the world owning four private jets, and 27 gold mines.
  • In his mid-thirties, he is Malawi's most published author with 17 books on religion, finance; and entrepreneurship to his credit.

Perhaps this is why, as the 2019 elections draw near, Malawians are no longer looking within their party establishments for leadership answers.

'They are looking outside — searching hope in young Malawians who have built their lives and career outside politics, but have managed to scale up beyond any shade of doubt.

'Perhaps that is why the name Prophet Bushiri is always persistent in Malawi's political discourse. Arguably, Prophet Bushiri's rise to global stardom is a story that most Malawians of goodwill admire and those with ill intention greatly despise and burn with envy,' writes Nophi Phumisa, a Master of Arts in Political Science student at a university in Australia.

Phumisa adds, 'Malawi's major challenge is that it has always been led by leaders who are experts at spending than generating income. We are a poor nation because we do not generate enough revenue within ourselves to fund our services.'

Sea of worshipers at Pretorial show grownds for Prophet Bushiri's ECG

Senior Editor Janet Karim agreed and said: The first time I attended a fund raiser in early 2017 that the New York ECG satellite hosted with the Prophet in attendance, I was overwhelmed at grassroots raising of funds. We have this ability in Malawi, we just do not harness it well nor do we account for the use of the funds. Many churches have built houses of prayer, others have also enhanced resources by creating commercial enterprises. Accountability is at the core of these ventures.

'Prophet Bushiri ventures out, casting the net widely and the catch is overwhelming and inspiring. People should not critic him; they should emulate him.

'And his charitable ways make great sense of the multiplication of the two fish and five loaves of bread. That Great prophet did say that we would 'do greater things than these.' ' Karim concludes.

Personal life

Bushiri is the fourth born in a family of six children. He comes from Ntcheu District in Malawi. He has an honorary degree from Therapon University in USA, but he is currently studying towards bachelor's degree in Human Resource Management.

He is married to Mary (Zgambo) Bushiri, a chartered accountant; they married in 2011, and have two children — Israella, and Raphaella.

History of his Ministry

Prophet Bushiri founded the ECG Ministries seven years ago (2010) in the City of Mzuzu in Malawi. Prophet Bushiri moved to South Africa in 2014 and established his headquarters in Pretoria. In those three years while in South Africa, Prophet Bushiri's ministry has grown tremendously.

In South Africa alone, the ministry has over 300,000 registered members. His Sunday Services at Pretoria Show grounds are the mostly attended with over 100,000 people — something which moved the South Africa government to declare his church gatherings as an 'event,' which endows the Man of God with security detail.

The ministry, especially in the three years since it moved headquarters to Pretoria, has grown and currently enjoys a registered following of over 3 million members worldwide.

In August 2017, Bushiri launched his ministries' branch in the USA. In the USA alone, there are branches in New York, Washington D.C., Texas and Indiana. The ministry also has branches in South and Central America, Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia.

His ministry also owns and runs a Christian television called Prophetic Channel. The satellite television, which is broadcasted to over 30 million viewers, feature live services, faith healings and miracle deliverance services, in large meetings, which his ministry organizes in several countries.


Away from the pulpit, Prophet Bushiri is also an entrepreneur with multiple entities under the Shepherd Bushiri Investments (SBI) that he launched six years ago. SBI Ltd. is a global investment company duly incorporated under the Company Laws of the Republic of South Africa. It was duly incorporated on the 3rd November 2015.

SBI has several entities. Through SB Airways, Prophet Bushiri runs private jets charter at Lanseria Airport in South Africa. He also owns gold mines across Africa, oil and gas companies in different African countries, a mobile network (PSB Network) in South Africa, hotels in Mauritius and South Africa as well as several other companies in Dubai, Ethiopia, Zambia, and Cyprus.

His wealth is estimated to be US$150 million. Africa.com recently ranked Bushiri and his wife one of Africa's ten most affluent families.

Prophet Bushiri believes that men and women of God should be on the forefront of helping and inspiring their followers in engaging in honest entrepreneurial ways of making money to improve their lives both spiritually and physically.

Not just being a man of mere words, Prophet Bushiri has in the past years since his spiritual journey ventured and leads by example; he has established houses of prayer in the countries mentioned above; he has also ventured into investments in mining and he has a very soft spot for education, orphans and widows, to the extent that a lot of his philanthropic outreach is for helping orphans and widows, schools, and hospital; he also has a university, whose vice chancellor is Malawi's former Air Malawi General Manager Captain Lewis Mbilizi.

Philanthropic works

Prophet Bushiri in Australia

Prophet Bushiri is mostly known for his philanthropic works, which include aiding the poor, the sick and the dispossessed, both materially and spiritually.

Over a ministry career spanning more than 6 years, he has raised men and women from poverty, healed the sick, and provided a message of hope, which has been broadcast to every nation in the world.

In July 2017, Prophet Bushiri announced a ZAR 20 million Southern Africa Development Community charity programme, aimed at reaching out to orphans in the SADC region.

Political interests

In his home country Malawi, Bushiri's popularity and fame has always been interpreted by some people as his own creation to contest for the presidency. However, Bushiri has repeatedly refuted these allegations in both local and international media; he does not have any political aspirations of any kind whatsoever.

Books published

'Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path,' the word of God declares in Psalm 119 verse 105. To this end, Prophet Bushiri has authored 17 books; among them are:

  • Do Business Until I Come: Principles of Business Success;
  • The Prophetic Calling: Understanding the Principles of Operating in the Prophetic Ministry;
  • The Pursuit of Titus: Unveiling True Sonship;
  • Angels of God: Understanding the ministry of Angels;
  • Demons and Deliverance: A Prophetic Exposition of Demons and their Operations;
  • Honey: Out of the Eater Comes Something Sweet;
  • Iron Man: Man of Strength and Stability;
  • Make Millions In Forex Trading: A Simplified Guide to Making Millions Through Trading;
  • My Journey to Heaven: Lessons from my Second Visit in Heaven;
  • Principles of Understanding Prophetic Prayer;
  • The Process of Receiving the Prophetic Anointing;
  • Rayon Anointing: If you can see it, you can receive it;
  • Spiritual Battlefield: Keys to Spiritual Warfare;
  • Tongues: Revelation of the Heavenly Language;
  • Tsalach Anointing: The Anointing of Prosperity;
  • Tushiya Anointing: Unleashing the Hidden Wisdom; and
  • Vessels of Honour: Understanding the Purpose and Use of Anointed Materials.
  • In conclusion, Phumisa says of Prophet Bushiri: 'But the writing is already on the wall — the numbers of his admirers continues to rise because he has proved to have leadership capabilities that are very rare in Malawi.

    'We know there are honest calls for him to come to politics. At the same time, we also know about his honest rejection and denial to be dragged into politics. He has a big ministry to run and he, as he always says, he is comfortable.'

    The Maravi Post Management, Editorial and Staff invite all our readers to celebrate with us the selection of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, The Maravi Post 2017 Personality of the Year.

    The four finalists selected by The Maravi Post editors this year in alphabetical order, were:

  • Prophet Shepherd Bushiri
  • MCP president Dr. Lazarus Chakwera
  • Internationally acclaimed comedian Dalitso Chaponda
  • DPP VP Dr. Saulos Chilima
  • The Maravi Post Management, Editorial and Staff heartily congratulate Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, The Maravi Post 2017 Personality of the Year!


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