The Jordanians Message on JerusalemBy Mohammad Aburumman

(MENAFN- Alghad Newspaper)

It is likely that US President Donald trump is going to declare Jerusalem as the capital of Israel on Wednesday. Meanwhile, the decision to relocate the US embassy will be postponed.

Until the decision is made and announced, we wait!

his majesty King Abdullah spared no effort, nor any of the Jordanian officials, trying to warn US officials and congressmen of the calamities of such an escalation.

Countless times, the King and Jordanian ministers have highlighted the threats such a decision on the entire region's security, let alone future, from the reinforcement of the extremist and radical narrative to the amplification of the terrorist threat, globally.

Noteworthy is the fact that such a reckless venture only reinforces the Americans' image as enemies to Arabs and Muslims alike. That said, it drowns the sound of reason and moderation in chaos and hostility!

On every possible level, Jordanian officials have engaged in relentless efforts to convince the US administration to not take this decision.

Now, as the moment of truth is almost upon us all, there seem to be no reassuring signs whatsoever, that the Trump's decision has changed.

Ahead of the ominous announcement, Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi said he had been contact with the US foreign secretary, Rex Tillerson, to reaffirm Jordan's message. Via Twitter, he said, 'such a decision would trigger anger across Arab Muslim worlds, fuel tension & jeopardize peace efforts.

It is not true that Jordan's position has become boringly redundant, when it comes to tying the region's range of issues, from terrorism to extremism, to the Palestinian Cause.

Historically speaking, Jordan's reasoning is absolutely sound. Most extremist groups have based their narrative on aspects of the Palestinian Cause!

On the other hand, facing up to the 'Persian Threat as many Arab politicians like to put, does not lay the common ground for international relations with Israel. Especially when it comes to justifying its prioritisation over the Palestinian Cause!

The truth is, the Arab regional apparatus cannot just disregard the Arab peoples and their overwhelming attachment to the Cause.

Meanwhile, this is Jerusalem we're talking about, a pan-national and religious centre for an all-encompassing range of peoples.

Turning away from Jerusalem is political suicide.

It will only explode the political vacuum which will swallow whatever chance there remains for anything really!

Even in the terms of the American administration themselves, once they recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital, they will have nothing else to propose in their long-awaited settlement!

Once the occupied city of Jerusalem is gone, who will take the settlement? Not a single Arab leader, Palestinian or else, will even dare to negotiate such a proposal publically!

Meanwhile, if Trump and his administration really think that they can really pull this off, then they are mistaken! At best, they know very little about the region's history and development! Otherwise, to think they can realise peace for their Israeli allies, with Jerusalem as Israel's capital, they are delusional!

Mindful of what the Americans are not, Jordan, as Custodian of Muslim and Christian Endowments in Jerusalem and head of the Arab Summit, has called upon the Arab League and the Islamic Conference Organisation to prepare for an emergency ministerial meeting, should Trump take either one of the two fateful decisions!

Should the worst be upon us, Arabs and Muslims must now brave their responsibility!

Is Jordan's stand on Jerusalem rash? Of course not!

The only possible irrationality is to sit by idly and watch our world burn by virtue of Trump's desperation and recklessness, and do nothing about!

Accelerating all diplomatic efforts to address the unfolding catastrophe is the only wise thing to do.

Otherwise, such a decision will not only hurt the Palestinians, but Jordan above all else, politically, symbolically and security-wise!

Once again, spearheading this effort to protect Jerusalem diplomatically is something we must do, given the current situation.

The Palestinian Cause is one of humanity's fairest causes.

At this point, protecting Jerusalem, is beyond doubt our most pressing strategic, ethical, symbolic urgency.

It comes with an all-encompassing international, cross-religious weight and momentum, embedded in the core of our national interests and duties, both as a state and as a nation.

This article is an edited translation of the Arabic version, published by AlGhad.


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