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Ring Buyers Have Their Eyes on Halo Engagement Rings

(MENAFN Editorial) The halo setting is ringing true for many engagement ring shoppers. Diamond halo engagement rings are catching eyes and hearts like never before. Beyond the halo setting, there is a lot of flexibility in how the ring can look. This has contributed to the appeal of . They can include smooth solitaire bands or multiple diamond bands with many small stones.

The defining characteristic of a halo engagement ring is a frame of diamonds with a large diamond centerpiece. Halo is a very common style of engagement ring that is seen frequently. Many people, when imagining an engagement ring, even subconsciously 'default to the halo style. That is no surprise given its classic look and the fact that it dates back to the 18th century. It is a truly classic style in every sense of the word, while still having enough versatility to suit modern tastes and needs.

is a premier seller of engagement rings, including halo engagement rings. They offer halo engagement rings in a range of shapes and even colors to allow maximum customization.

One of the biggest advantages of halo engagement rings is the value to cost comparison. They are generally one of the more affordable types of engagement ring, yet always have a great look. The value customers get from a halo engagement ring is therefore extremely high.

At the same time, they can be customized as much as a customer wants, elevating them far above the common ring. Halo rings can accommodate myriad shapes and cuts when it comes to the diamonds used for the ring. Plus, the metal used for the band can range from a standard gold look to rose or white gold as well.

Among the most common and popular styles for halo engagement rings is the single circle of small stones surrounding a large central diamond on a plain band. This look is clean and elegant, graceful in all settings and for all customers. However, those wishing for further customization may choose a rose gold band, for instance, to add a rosy, classic hue, or an interesting cut for the centerpiece diamond. Some popular choices for diamond cuts include emerald, cushion and pear. All look excellent as part of a halo engagement ring and fit with the simple, classic elegance of the ring.

Superior craftsmen such as the ones as Hayden Cudworth can shape a range of halo engagement rings to fit any needs. For more information, visit Hayden Cudworth.

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Ring Buyers Have Their Eyes on Halo Engagement Rings

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