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Everly, Inc. - A tech platform that offers on-demand, in-home, one-on-one tutoring.

(MENAFN Editorial) Everly, Inc. - A tech platform that offers on-demand, in-home, one-on-one tutoring. iCrowdNewswire - Jan 23, 2017 Everly, Inc. A tech platform that offers on-demand, in-home, one-on-one tutoring

Unlike traditional tutoring agencies, Everly is capitalizing on the 'uberization of services. This means that Everly utilizes our website and app to provide high-quality, on-demand service.

Everly is poised to change the national landscape of tutoring. Driven by our founders' proven background in K-12 tutoring and their relationships with pivotal education leaders and organizers, Everly will retain top-notch tutors. All Everly tutors undergo stringent security clearances to ensure that students are in safe and capable hands.

That's the Everly difference.

Mark and Michael Berookim, Cofounders
Prior to starting Everly, Inc., identical twin brothers,Mark andMichael Berookim have been immersed in developing and operating tutoring companies for decades.In 2000, with no capital in hand, at the age of 19, the Berookim brothersset off on their journey, starting their business from the bedroom of their childhood apartment. Their initial focus was on individual and private tutoring services to students in grades K-12 in middle to upper class neighborhoods. By 2006, they directed their attention to meeting the needs of public school students much like themselves who had no access to private academic assistance and launched supplemental educational services (SES) programs funded by the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act. Their various companies reached students in more than 100 school districts across several urban and metropolitan cities in multiple states throughout the country and have provided services to over 170,000 students and have hired over 35,000 tutors. The NCLB government funded tutoring program recently ended, prompting Mark and Michael to start a tech-enabled tutoring platform. Based on their combined experience of 32 years, Mark and Michael have the experience and understand how to build a business from the ground up.

Mike Silva, Accountant
At Everly, he is responsible for all G/L transactions, cash applications, cash flow analysis, payroll, payables, bank reconciliations, month end and year end closings, and preparation of financial statements. Mike has been an accounting manager at a digital media corporation, CFO of an aeronautical parts manufacturing company, and a financial analyst at Goldman Sachs.

Debbie Chae, Marketing Coordinator
Debbie supports marketing and customer service for Everly. She has a strong background in digital media planning and advertising, and her previous employers include big names like FOX Home Entertainment, EPSON, Hyundai and KIA Motors America, and Samsung.

To solve the problems within the tutoring industry, our team created Everly.

Everly seamlessly connects tutors and families using our tech-enabled platform, which simplifies the process and creates a more efficient educational experience for our clients and tutors.

By providing on-demand, in-home, one-on-one tutoring for K-12 students, Everly changes the tutoring game. Everly incorporates the following unique features:

Set rates for tutors Parents can set rates for tutors to simplify the selection process. Cashlesspayments Everly handles all payments, so there is no exchange of cash between parents and tutors. Prescreened tutors All Everly tutors are vetted tutors who have been prescreened and have passed high-level security verifications prior to starting their first session. Detailed profiles Parents can view detailed tutor profiles to select the best tutor for their child. There are recorded videoclips on tutor profile pages as well as real-time listings of tutor availability to allow for seamless coordination of tutoring sessions. Progress reports Parents can access monthly and daily progress reports completed by tutors. Tutor recommendations Everly can make tutor recommendations based on their algorithm.

Everly's unique platform is a better tutoring solution.

Families can select high-quality and vetted tutors to work with their children when it's convenient for the family.

Tutors receive the majority of the money they earn, because our tech-enabled platform eliminates many administrative costs.

Everly's tech-enabled platform also eliminates most functions of running a traditional tutoring agency, which in turn makes scaling and growth seamless for our company.

The future of tutoring is here, and it's called Everly.

At one point or another, most students will need help from a tutor. However, finding a tutor hasn't always been easy.

Right now, there's no online tutoring marketplace that easily allows students and their families to search for an in-person tutor. The tutoring market is cluttered and filled with inconsistency. Tutoring rates vary greatly, and so do background check procedures for tutors. All of this leaves families and students feeling overwhelmed.

The tutoring companies that take a large cut of their tutors' pay do so in an attempt to expand; however, it is difficult to do so without using a franchise model.

When considering all of these problems, isn't it amazing that no one has stepped up to change the tutoring industry?

Our founders thought so. That's why they established Everly.

Everly's platform provides a seamless, four-step process for matching students with tutors.

Prescreening and vetting Tutors are prescreened and vetted. We only hire the best tutors.
Registration Parents register for an Everly account to view detailed tutor profiles.
Matching Students and tutors are matched with real-time access to schedules.
Payment The client's credit card is charged and the tutor is paid, in a seamless transaction.

Our simple and intuitive platform is delightfully different from traditional tutoring agencies and websites.

Our team launched the Everly website in mid-April 2016. Since then, we have accomplished some incredible things:

During the final weeks of the 2015-2016 school year, Everly signed up paying customers in the soft launch areas they launched. We anticipate a much larger client base in August when the new school year begins.

We're planning to partner with a major electronics manufacturer that sells over 400,000 tablets in the US each year. We have an MOU from them to put our app into their tablets with a one-hour free promotion.

We have received high praises from a number of individuals, including Eric Garcetti, Mayor of Los Angeles; A.J. Duffy, former President of the United Teachers of Los Angeles; Jack O'Connell, former California Superintendent of Public Instruction; and Caprice Young, Founder of California Charter Schools Association and Former Board President of LAUSD.

All of this and Everly is just getting started. We plan to keep growing, and you can help.

Request access to the business plan tab of this profile to see where Everly is going and how you can help us get there.

George Cigal- Founder and former Chairman of,
the largest online tutoring company (acquired by IAC)

Frank Biden -President of Maverick Charter Schools,
Brother of United States Vice President Joe Biden

Jack O'Connell-Former CA Superintendent of Public Instruction,
California‘s Top Education Official

Steve Soboroff -Civic & Business Leader: President of LA Police Commission,
Past Chairman & CEO of Playa Vista

Caprice Young-Education Innovator & Leader: Founder of California CharterSchools Assc, Former Board President of LAUSD

Everly, Inc. - A tech platform that offers on-demand, in-home, one-on-one tutoring.

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